Can't Log In (15 character)

Anyone else? 99% on loading screen then this

Have you resolved this yet? I’ve gotten this three times in the past and I’ve resolved by clearing cache and data, then uninstalled and re-installed.

Not saying you should have to, but that’s an erroneous error ( :thinking: :thought_balloon: ) message.

Me too… I suggest…you can uninstall the game and reinstall the game again… it work for me on Samsung S7…

Ended up being a re-install issue which I HATE because now since the reinstall I have 150 other issues that are making the game even harder to play due to lag, freezing, etc. Have to reboot the game every 15 min or so. Repeated reboots to get it to let me load bookmarks, or transfer resources, or even use chat (chat is too painful to use unless out of necessity).

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It’s happening again, to everyone :turtle::turtle:


Seems like it got resolved :rofl:

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