Can't Log In (15ch)

Myself and others can’t log into the game right now, it says “must have internet connection” etc. I’m not sure the appropriate person to tag here.

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Confirmed. Game is broken.

Same here

I know right, I’ve lost the count now :rofl::joy:

@pgjared @pgcrisis

This is currently being investigated.


Can’t log in either and everyone I’ve talked to on line can’t. Great. Here’s to a great war start.

Cant connect to servers?

says i can not log on cuz i need internet but im streaming youtube and other apps

Game is down, can’t log in, says internet not connected

investigate away detective jared…

We’ve successfully recreated the experience of being a gold league player in PVP. (Game is unplayable, and you can’t attack the people you should be able to.)

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Did you not get a 24h notice to pay the upkeep? LOL… i jk

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Game was always broken this is pg’s fix for it :joy:

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I got in the game. Looks like they fixed it!

Several of my team mates are reporting they can get back in.

Looking at diamond teams with 0 players online :sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy:

Did someone cycle the power on the server?

Did they log out and then log back in? Have they tried to Google the problem?