Can't login to Google games need to notify my team asap

Hey there. I’m a regular player. Been playing this game since its development. Love it…
Nonetheless, yesterday I had to factory reset my phone. I lost everything and had to reinstall everything again. Well, I seemed to have a problem logging into Google games which is what I use to login to war dragons. I am working on getting into my account but I need to let my team k kw that what happened. My team is ‘stonedragons’ I’m trying to inform them that I will be unavailable for a few days to a week until I can get logged into Google games. Lss. I don’t k know my password. I have tried password recovery with every attempt to no avail to be able to verify my identity or access even my email. Please if anyone can let Stonedragons know what is going on please and thank you.

Heyo! Your best bet would be to get in touch with our support team so they can help you out. There’s not a lot we can do on the Forums, unfortunately.

You can reach them at on mobile, browser, or in-game. :slight_smile:

create a new Google ID. only thing u need to enter War Dragons is your Pocket ID and password (inside the App)

im also playing on Android

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I have set up a new email username and password. Is that what you mean?

Thanks I’ll try that too

Omg thanks so much sumatan! I’m did what you said with logging in with pocket ID! Whew. I thought I was Goin to lose my mind! Lol I didn’t want to start over from level 1!you are a game saver! Yay!


Looks like we’re all squared away here. I’m glad you got your account info back on your device! :slight_smile: Gonna close this thread now that we’ve reached a solution!