Cant pay upkeep


Hello @PGDave, @pgEcho

Our team is trying to pay the upkeep for the island but it seems we don’t have the option to do so. We already sent the approximate amount of gold needed in that island but no where can we find the “Pay upkeep” option in that island.

Could you please help?

Attached is the tickets we sent to support with the screenshots


@PGDave @pgecho we need your help please since that island is in lockdown mode and we can’t do anything


@Darkhunter It looks like your HQ is level 0. Level 0 HQs do not have any upkeep cost. You should be able to use all the infrastructure functions (I see the buttons aren’t greyed out, so that is promising). The bank shouldn’t be telling you upkeep is due. We’ll look into that. Gox reported this issue recently too, so it looks like you’re in good company.


We are in the same team :see_no_evil:. And we had deployed some infrastructures there. That’s why we got bank and fort at such high level


Very good company then?


The issue is, our HQ and bank are at the higher level than that. After we failed to pay upkeep, our Island got bugged and showed like above


I believe the bugged castle should be fixed now. A change to prevent this from happening again in the future has also been assigned to our QA team for testing. Thanks for helping us track this down!


Thank you for your quick response. Our island is fixed now


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