Cant seem to join any team only accept invitations

Hi dragon lords,
When i was playing War dragons today i could not seem to join a team only accept invitations.I Haven’t noticed this before but today the problem is happening.I tried restarting my account but it still is the same

Could anyone help
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Are you sure the teams had autoaccept? Only few teams have that.


How can you not join any teams? Like once you clicked the button nothing happened? Or you couldn’t search or see any team stats and stuff?

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I clicked on the button any times and nothing happened my internet was very good that time

Are you a leader of a team? Idk but I’m pretty sure if you’re a leader you’ll have to disband first. But idk.

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Nope not a leader until i refreshed my account its saying your kicked out form my team but i was the leader so how can anyone kick me

Maybe that’s why. It glitched and now you dont have any team and cant join any either. Maybe getting someone to invite you to a team will allow you to join teams again? Idk

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Sounds like somebody has hacked you. And blocked you to the game…or it may be the provider for your phone.

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Probably cause you keep team hopping. All the teams have banned you from joining

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If you’re the only member of a team this happens. You’d have to quit your team if this is the case I’m afraid. Hoping to help.

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guess so?

I am not in a team

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