Cant start a war

Im having problem trying to start wars. no teams are showing for us to pick

Yeah, I have had a ticket in since the 17th for this issue. (Couldn’t declare wars because of the event but my league list has been acting strangely since then) Apparently my league has 24 teams tied for 2nd place :joy::joy::joy::joy: Hopefully it is resolved soon, I am still waiting on a response. @PGJared do we possibly have an eta on this?

Edit: I have some officers who still have access to the league info list and I think they can declare wars still. Have you asked the other officers on your team if they have the same problem?

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Seems like a bunch of us have this issue :unamused:

Unfortunately this response from support doesn’t instil much confidence…

…especially as the referenced site hasn’t been updated since version 3.60 on 27/9/17.
Hopefully it doesn’t take much longer to correct.

They escalated my issues (more than just this one) to an engineer and said they would update me once they heard back about it. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

You will have to declare directly from the team’s info page. So the poor suckers that chat in LC will get picked on for wars :joy::joy:

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I’ve been typing in team names from event standing to check out what teams to declare on

Cause my LC is a ghost town

It might be an android issue. Was discussing in league chat and seemed not to be affecting apple products. I have a ticket in as well just started affecting me on Monday.

I have the same issue

And as leagues just switched, I’m totally having to rely on LC for team names to war with. :joy:

It’s being looked at by engineers. At this point this is kind of out of PX’s wheelhouse and we’re not able to give ETAs.

Thanks for the heads up.

Still broken.

A thread announcing this week’s event was also in the same subforum here…

if you can’t declare war using the list, then wait for someone to chat on the league chat and go to their profile and then their team profile. You should be able to wage war without any problem.

@PGJared any chance you can chase this up, been 11 days since I submitted a ticket about this. Just submitted a new ticket as support closed the last one as solved :unamused:. Have received a carbon copy of the last response, which still links a known issues page that hasn’t been updated since September.

Still broken for me as well, although it is working for one of my teammates. I have an android and they have an iPhone. :confused: Is there an update on getting this to work? Only 3 of the 20+ teams in my league chat in LC…

Yeah same here on the league chat. It is not a good work around.

Same here, waiting since days, a lot of mails to the support team… always the same phrase. we have a lot of requests…

Ok All! I got a response from Support.

Update 3.90 will have a fix for this. Release date not specified.

For now see if other officers have access to the league list.(Does not appear to affect apple devices)

For team emails you can search your own team from your Team Meeting Hall and send from there.

Clunky but it works for now. :smiley:

Bumping. @PGJared any update on fix ETA? This is affecting war. Work around is not great - can only declare on loud mouths in LC (there is some minor poetic justice in that). Very limiting.

This is such a simple thing that there is really no reason why it has gone on so long. Please pull resources off of atlas development to resolve this.

Given how limited time is for wars anyway, as discussed in countless prior threads, this is really a big deal. Here’s hoping the apology chest will be adequate for the impact it caused!!!

This leaderboard issue for Android players should be resolved in Version 3.90. This version should be available shortly in the App Store and Google Play Store, since we’ve released it today around 3pm PT. Our apologies again for the trouble!