Can't upgrade Forge

Not sure if there is another thread on this as I searched but couldn’t find anything.

Is anyone else having an issue with upgrading the forge ?

I have nothing being forged but yet when click on it the upgrade option is greyed out and says “upgrades coming soon”. See attached pics.

I sent ticket and I have attached the reply, doesn’t resolve my issue at all !

If you want to forge something, hit the FORGE button.

That’s the last available level.

What ? Read my post again! I was clearly talking about upgrading the forge it’s self

Last available level ? What lol level 7 ?

Lol yeah. Research Hall is also :billed_cap: ‘d at lv7.

Why do you want to upgrade the forge itself? There’s nothing else you can forge. You have everything you can forge right now and it doesn’t speed anything up. Also, level 7 is the highest it can go. I read your post and this is what I was referring to:

Maybe I should have made it more clearer then seen as you haven’t picked it up but what I mean is that I had nothing currently being forged because I thought maybe that would be stopping the option to upgrade the forge it’s self as until @Bacteriophage has been ever so kind to let me know that level 7 is the highest.

Could have simply saved this full thread if support just told me that lol

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To be fair, the game told you this same information 🤷

And support told you the same information too I see lol


In a stupid way yes I suppose it did, but for someone that didn’t have a clue that it was capped at 7 it’s not very clear that is the reason it says “upgrades coming soon”. Remove the upgrade bottom all together and problem solved.

To add regarding support.

Yes they did again in a round about way, why couldn’t they just say it’s capped at 7 rather than say there are none available with not explanation ?

I take it you’ve never capped a tower in your life until now

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They greyed it out. It’s a fairly standard way of saying that something in unavailable.

Either way seems like you know for next time :+1:

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Clearly not lol I’m level 63 and was unaware hence the question but thanks

@TheRedDelilah can you close this please ? Thanks :blush:

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