Can't use in game support

I’m an android user, and any time I attempt to contact in game support, I get this error. I attempted to email support, but it’s been a few days and I’ve heard nothing. I simply would like the convenience that everyone else is afforded. Anyone else experience a similar issue?

That’s no good :confused: for now

@Arelyna for weekend support

I use iOS and have not been able to use it either…

Have you changed your email address?
Because I had them update mine to a new one and every since no access to support in game. :man_shrugging:t3:

I am sorry that you are having issues with reaching support in game. We actually have a ticket about this right now, and this should be fixed with our next update. In the meantime, @forScience is correct that if you need to file a ticket with support, please use

What’s the average wait time for email support? I can’t even remember when I sent them an email tbh… I’m curious because I think it’s a lot longer for those who can’t get in game

Actually yea, I recently changed from iOS to android, and use a different email for Google play than what I had on iOS, and preferred for the account to line up with the purchase email… good to know I’m not alone though, was afraid it was an android issue

Not sure what the fix is on this I’ve gotten no further responses

If we’re to believe arelyna, then soon

About 6 hours. What’s your ticket number?

What’s your ticket number?

This is going to sound even crazier, I sent my ticket to support via the website and never got an email of any kind (ticket number included) I could pm you the email, or put in a new ticket and see if it works

PM me. I’m in some meetings but I’ll try to walk you through once I’m out.

I can’t help but laugh and want to share this. Mind you I had no idea what this meant when I first read it

Can’t facepalm hard enough. That’s supposed to be a private comment. Geez.

Only reason I do is because I am an IT guy in a manufacturing environment. Work In Process is anything that has started the manufacturing process yet not considered Finished Goods.


I sent you private message.
Sorry I’ve been working no time for the Forum

@PGJared I need you again and didn’t want to make a new post… please check our old message thread, or if you archived it, I’ll make a new one… it seems I have issues with email support too

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