Can't Use Sigils

So, since I joined War Dragons and started getting should or the season, I haven’t been able to actually use them. I have no idea why, but I figured out today that the should that I have now will disappear soon. I am assuming that will be by the end of the day, but I did want to try to see if I can still somehow get some prizes by writing through here.

Thanks for any help that you can give!

Spend. Them. Now.

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As of right now, you have approximately 6.5 hours to spend. Unless my math is off.

I thought that it closed in 30 min

I was wrong nvm

Says 11:59 PM PST.


And if you look in the Season tab in the event menu, it says 6h 27m. Right now.

Nm. Crisis says different. Ignore me :upside_down_face:

We give everyone until Midnight PT on a Season’s end to spend their last sigils. I’d highly recommend you do this as soon as possible!

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Better get some goodies from the egg token branch. :eyes:

How are you trying to use them, and what happens when you do? You’re talking about the summerkai sigils, right?


You can tell us here, but I would also submit a ticket right now (from the help button in game or in case you have an issue that needs customer support intervention.


And post the ticket number here for a quicker resolution, eventually


I will submit a ticket now.

As far as the way I am trying to spend the Zimmerman sigils, I am going to the area where the season is held and trying to buy through the Firefin section. I tap on the buy button for the option I have, but it won’t do anything.


Here is a screenshot of where I am trying to spend them. I tap on the “spend 200” and nothing happens ,the screen just stays there.

What device are you playing on? Wait, that shouldn’t really matter, I’ve got an almost original iPad that supposedly isn’t compatible anymore, yet PvPs work somewhat fine on it…

:roll_eyes: Certain Android device does.

Ah. Good point. Forgot about “those” devices :joy::rofl:

I am using a Kindle Fire HD 8th Generation.

I dunno. Have you tried the “uninstall/reinstall” bit?

I haven’t. I can try that, although this has been going on since I first installed the game.

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