Can't win war cause of banned players

There is a serious issue we may be short on members of which we loose flames but we can no longer attack as the members are banned or inactive therefore giving us no chance to win the war… unacceptable


What league u in

I’ve seen this glitch a good amount… no workaround I know of

It’s a simple fix either one they need to allow us to attack the inactive players or two they need to give us free Flames for those inactive / band players it’s that simple I play Too Many war games

I like the first option.
Despite having to fight inactive player, we still need to do some effort in order to win properly…

I see no reason an inactive player shouldn’t be allowed to be attacked!!! I complained about the same issues a long time ago and it fell on def ears…

This issue was discussed previously in the thread linked below. PG never did anything about it. Not only did they not do anything about it, but they actively squelched even discussing the issue. Clearly they dont want to address this issue and they don’t want people talking about it.


Thank you to PG for closing a genuine issue on the name of personal attacks yet again.
This doesn’t cover up that they have not solved this issue for ages despite being a known problem, just like any other problems.


It wasn’t even a personal attack. I had no intention to insult him or anyone. Perhaps I chose my words poorly, I’m not sure, but what I was trying to do was call him out for sidestepping the issue.

That was some Text book PG disingenuosity there. Pick on something unrelated to the actual issue, concentrate on that, causing player frustration, then close the topic without even bothering to address the actual issue.
Well done! And they still have the gall to wonder why the forums can become so toxic. So PG, what are you hiding? Are you counting inactive players as active to inflate game popularity stats?

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Then let’s get this complaint none stop

I logged the same issue. Received initial reply that they will look into it and for me to provide an example. I did provide the example and now nothing. No reply, no solution. Nothing.

I tried to start a team with 49 inactive players just to prove a point… But they kept logging in… And it takes two weeks to go inactive again.


“Look into it” is PG code for “take it under advisement.”

That or something I won’t say I’m the forum. :rofl:

I have reported on this about 6x I in the past 2 months using an alternate account-- I provided examples screenshots and then did something uncalled for-- I said that if it were sapphire or diamond players that were having this issue it would be addressed VERY QUICKLY-- but since we are mostly gold level or below it will be ignored-- so I offered to call them out in a league chat!!!

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If they have enough inactives that you cannot win, calling them out will do nothing.

PG should fix the auto-kick… Or (even better) cause inactive players who are inactive at declaration/start to give 5 flames automatically… This seems like the easier fix. And you wouldn’t have to work through the roster to find the 3 players who are not inactive. If the player DOES login before the war is over, he or she can attack and get 5 flames, but the flames against them remain.

This would quickly demote teams out of leagues that do have active players and reduce this problem.

/Contemplates the hassle of making 49 alts and then using his main to get into sapphire as a solo player to prove a point–I would never lose a war… worst would be a tie, at 5/1./ Having only one player to earn medals for the team would be a bit of a pain… Would need people to declare against me. But… I like where I am.

End of dream sequence…

Anyway, this problem should be addressed.

@PGEggToken – Is this something that is on the radar in the relatively near future? Inactive players like this make the game substantially less fun for those in leagues who have this problem. Events are impossible. Wars cannot be won. It pretty much sucks. Telling players to “get in a better league” when the mechanic for that is to … win wars, and that’s what is broken, is not a helpful suggestion.

I agree-- let us target the inactive or banned players-- one of the teams that was warred against had “45” active players-- when the opposing team attacked they found 35 yes 35 of those players inactive-- this left 10 players to battle with 25 of the teams players-- the team with less people to start with got. --35 teammates as opposed to the 45-- were already behind as the war started-- but now they cannot pass them since there is not enough people to attack and get the remaining number of flames needed to win. And that is one example-- there are numerous others I have heard about


My idea is, if a player is active enough to be on a team, they shouldn’t be immune against attack.
I mean, any attack, not just war.
I believe that it’s much more simple than checking inactivity.

That’s the point if they are on my team you should be able to attack them. That would give them incentive to boot. We only have 30 members cause I want an active team.
It’s never fun to party alone.

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