Cap on glory in atlas?

At lv 150-180 somewhere I used to get like 6-7k glory att a trapper/taunter with my destroyer. Now at 210 the same procedure only yields like 2-3k?

glory is based on amount of troop lost and killed then scaled by difference in level and team power ranking (if on a castle.)

Min(Troop Lost x 1.5)(Troop Killed x 0.75) x Glory Scaling


It’s also based on your prims attack stats versus your opponents defense stats.

Edit: This changes how many troops you kill/lose, doesn’t change the glory calculation Kenshiki posted above.

Don’t attack trappers with a destroyer unless you know what you are doing.


Unless you were hitting a silver with a silver 5.6k glory is the max for a bronze prime. (0.75 x 7,500) To get that you must have lost at least 3750 own troops and killed the max of 7,500 on the enemy. There can also be no team scaling and no level scaling.


This is weird, as a bronze pmch I got 7-8k many times killing a taunter/trapper in no mans land. Nowadays with a silver lv 18 I get like 3?

At the same time I dont see me loosing less troops winning an attack or having situations were IaSt more than one onslaught

The only difference is being lv 215 than lv 150

You’re probably remembering wrong, fuzzy memories of troops killed or badges earned rather than glory, or silver rather than bronze. It’s mathematically not possible for a bronze to get more than 5.6k glory or kill more than 7500 troops in a single attack.

At each tier there’s a cap on how many troops can be killed and the numbers of troops killed on both sides cap your glory, this has been true since at least the release of silver primarchs in… spring 2018.

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