Capital Training KW

I apologise if this information is somewhere. I’ve looked in the rules, and had a search of the forums and didn’t find anything.

I saw the rules said that the training multiplier is 0.7, but at the training screen it says train your dragons to INCREASE their multiplier…

Ok…from what, and to what, and what is the multiplier currently?

Or have I misunderstood the point of it?

Cheers guys

I don’t quite understand the question? The training multiplier refers to your capital in KW, and if you click on it, you’ll notice it gives significantly less points than hitting other targets, and that’s denoted by a 0.7x multiplier.
So, on black bloods, the max points are 140 this time around, and 140 x 0.7 = 98 points, which matches the figure of the top points on the capital bases.

Not sure if this answers your question or not :sweat_smile:


Not exactly.

Is there any point in training at the capital? I don’t see it.

It says train to increase your multiplier, as if you can increase it from 0.7…
If so, what is the limit - is it even worth doing?

I think I’ve missed something, but there isn’t anything really explaining what it’s even there for.

It’s basically a last resort to get some points if your capital is completely surrounded by enemy teams with bases too strong for you to hit.


Right. That makes sense I guess. Shame it doesn’t make that clear.

Still, surely you’d get more points by just attacking a foreign nearby city?

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Yes you would, but only if you could beat their bases. This option is for when you have no chance of beating the bases of any team who has you completely surrounded.


So, in a nutshell: Don’t do it, unless you’re really really desperate for points because you can’t beat your neighbouring teams.

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