Capping rider shards

Given that there are going to be no new Atlas riders, will shards be capped once we’ve hit maximum available to level all riders to max and alternatives offered in Atlas lines?

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I dont think they said no more atlas riders ever, just that there wasnt one this season


Ah, ok. I hope that is the case

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Might be they’ll slow it down to a new one every other season. Who knows really, they could decide to do anything.

I do wonder if they’ll start having spell riders for atlas


It is.
They said they re only bringing really good ones out

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I doubt that means never again unless they’re looking to lose revenue . Also everything is subject to change.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to cap troop count?…. No one needs what some players have.

Besides we all know a defense based map is an issue…: limit max troops and problem kinda solves itself……


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