Capture the flag and inner fire/rest time

Since 4.0 I’ve been experiencing an error where i will have inner fires equipped on dragons 2 that I swap out of begging of the run without taken any damage and will still have rest timer even though. I have talked to a number of players who stated they are able to swap dragons at beginning of run and still able to use them next attack. Is this how it’s supposed to be functioning or am I incorrect? If it’s not I request a rep assist me with troubleshooting this issue to prevent further loss of rss…

For me it’s related to the dragons. Hauheset definitely is one that has to heal even if no damage. Maybe try different ones? Not sure of your lineup or I’d suggest.

Just use red dragons equipped with inners. They always heal by the time you are done with a base and are low on food costs.


I use necx, morphos and deci… it doesn’t matter if I swap them at the beginning they still require 30m heal time… Seems to be only affecting me unless anyone experience d this issue

Also I contacted in game support and they said that attacking with inner fires are supposed to cost 3 potions even if the other 2 doesn’t attack or receive any damage… This doesn’t seem correct

This has nothing to do with it, sadly. @PGJared might be able to educate this support person?

Like I said, if I use Hau, he needs to heal. If I use Apophet, Jul, Snowdrop, etc… They do not need to heal as long as they take no damage at all and I use an inner fire. Even in this event that is currently running. I don’t have the drags you list, but likely you have the ones I did? Might be worth a try so you don’t blow through heals?


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I did Hau earlier today and mine didn’t need healing with the inner fire equipped :woman_shrugging:

Well, then there goes that theory out the window. I always have to heal him… LOL

What device are you using to play? I’m on iOS… maybe it’s an iOS/Android issue?

quite possibly another Droid “undocumented feature”.

Google Pixel (Android). Other than that and not having a solution button for the forums I’m actually quite happy with it. LOL

I’m on android, and it works fine.

I guess poor @FLAKnIceHole’s Hau is bugged then :frowning:

Just oddly random then most likely. Adds a little excitement to the game, don’t you think?


Mine is too, on iOS. And yes, I’ve gotten that same response from support before as well, about the healing time not being in the rules., even though one of em even said here on the forums that IF should ALWAYS give a 0 heal time in PVP if the dragon doesn’t take any damage.

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