Capture the flag. Green flags?

Hey everyone, i am trying to figure out ehat the green flag means?


That is wrong actually

A green flag means that you will not win a flag this round. This can either be because that team doesn’t have any flags left to steal, or it’s already lost as many as it can lose this round. If they still have flags, the teams with the largest gap in points will be the ones winning the flags


Thanks. I needed to know that. Question / How can I tell if the team has no flags left BEFORE wasting time and effort on a flag we can’t win… And Why the heck isn’t this in the Event Info???

There’s a button with “flags” on it on the attack screen where you can see the flags the team still has. There’s also a third button that shows you who else is trying to get those last flags and what their current scores are.


Thanks, I actually knew that, but 90% of players in lower league teams (gold, silver, bronze) don’t even know that the INFO button exists! I did a quick survey of my own and a friend’s teams) and of those who DID know, a good half of them still didn’t know how to establish that a team was flagless

the people targeting should definitely be paying attention to the VP you will or will not gain from each opponent.

Again, most players in the lower leagues, have no idea what VP is or how it effects the game. ie:- Not enough clear information provided!

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I’m not sure if it’s a lack or information provided or the fact that people don’t take the time to read the information provided :eyes:

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If a person is an officer on a team they pretty much should be able to hit the little “i” on the event screen and read all about the fact you get more points for your own flags, etc… Or check out information online (like forums or or something.

Certainly shouldn’t diddy bop through life thinking “hmm, not sure how to get points but I guess I get some, so I’m good”.

Teams should put it in their wikis to help newer folks and send a message prior to all events.

I don’t know if these instructions are in other languages so that might be an exception.

I agree there are too many people that can’t be bothered trying to maximize their points for their team. They want to be spoon fed.

Really gets old when you get the entitled folks who think the bigger players SHOULD back all of their runs so they can score decent points.

Sorry, you touched my grumpy nerve. Did I mention I, like most, HATE this event?


What you say is very true, but given in the view of a player who has seen it all before and is familiar with the game. The lower leagues are full of players trying to make sense of too many things at once. I was once asked “where is the Team Meeting Hut?” By a lvl 45! Many players have not accessed the Wiki Pages even once. I have an iPad Mini and the writing is so small! How much more difficult is it to read on a iPhone or similar? We need a way to make Information downloadable and printable.

Players who WANT to know stuff are informed and advance quicker. But those who sink to the bottom, should we abandon them… or help them to become educated?

I hear you. I guess the way I look at it is that it’s up to the leader and officers to ensure/encourage newer members read the wiki and such.

Heck we have people who still don’t read their messages (like not to hit certain teams).

We had a lvl 103 who thought they were SUPPOSED to hit the green targets in CTF (because green means “go”, red means “stop”)


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