Capulos - does it absorb mage SS?

From the description of Capulos it says the summon puppet absorbs all super shots. So does that include blue and red mage SS’s? What about flaks like ice and fire? Does it prevent the defensive buffs and spell blocking as well?

Design Intent

Capulos’ spell kit lends itself to sustained breath damage, a category not many sorcerers occupy. Capulos has two damage boosts. The first is Summon Puppet, a passively summoned warrior dragon that deals sustained damage to random towers. Unlike previous summons like Apophet’s Shadow, this puppet does not soak up incoming damage, but it will take any supershots pointed its way. Capulos’ second damage buff is Rampage, a spell previously seen on Warriors. Rampage increases Capulos’ breath damage and restores HP if any towers are destroyed while the spell is active. Capulos also passively restores HP over time with Spiraling Madness. Capulos is built to both take and dish out a ton of damage. Between its summon and Rampage, towers will fold quickly to Capulos, but players must take care to get the most out of Rampage’s healing. Capulos’ attack runs are all about attrition - balancing your damage output and countering defenders’ damage with an abundance of healing.


Yeah i wondered that too. Mines like 850m if you want to put a mage at the end of your base and test that. I’ve only flown mine on invader.

It’s a left over blurb from an earlier design.

@Arelyna @Crisis could this get fixed please?

Any unique properties with puppet vs summon warrior or a familiar?

Not that I’ve seen, how’d your test go?

Just now did it. Nobody volunteered so I used my little 180 alt.

So it definitely doesn’t stop mage supershots.

For a second I thought it would absorb the dark flak stun, but on my first run I either wasn’t paying attention or I dunno, but second run it waited for the puppet to pass and hit the dragon and stunned the same as normal.

It actually might be less useful with supershots than a summon warrior is. Not really sure why they didn’t just call it a familiar, as I can’t see much difference. Maybe rage regen or damage absorption differences?

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I will make sure this gets updated later this morning! Thanks for the catch all :blush:


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