Careful claiming gear in exotic 2 branch

In the exotic 2 branch I claimed the exotic sword which states “ dragon heal on tower kill”
Once it is claimed that becomes “ dragon hp on tower kill”, my conversations with PG in game tell me those are the same thing but I disagree

Why? They actually are the same thing.


Even the percentage is different, if I’m looking at something wrong please help me understand

If you’re referring to the +16.9% Dragon Attack after claiming vs +38.5% Dragon Attack in Atlas claim screen, the +38.5% is when you upgrade the gear to Lv 10.

Ok that I get but how is hp the same as gragon heal?

Because HP stands for Health Points. You kill a tower, you gain 0.2% Health Points back at Lv 1 of the gear. 2% when the gear is at Lv 10. It isn’t modifying your max HP value mid flight as you kill towers, it’s recovering your HP.

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Ok guess I don’t look at it like that, thanks for clarifying

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