Carnaval pack issues

Anyone else is getting app store error when trying to purchase it? Other packs seem to work fine.

Probably took it down out of embarrassment at all the abuse its getting in the other thread.


The pack is overpriced for what you get. Why would anyone waste $10 on that?

We’re aware of a purchasing issue on our end! Thanks for bringing this up. We are working on a fix right now!

Now its completely gone fyi.

No big loss. No loss at all really.

Jut buy (typo edit) 2 $5 packs (once they change to pvp packs) if you really wanna spend 10 bucks…


Ten characters

Typo edit contains a typo :joy:


I’ll just let that stay as it is :rofl: Whoopsies

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Our team has temporarily pulled the pack until we’ve confirmed it’s purchasable within the Apple store (which I believe was the original problem as to why the purchase was not going through!). :slight_smile:

innocent players saved by divinity imo

List of problems

  1. It sucks
  2. It sucks
  3. It suck

Am I missing anything… nope

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