Carnival pack is garbage

Who does the math on this to say it’s a 75% discount? Can get more inner fire and sigil from the more rubies and gold chests that comes in the regular $10 pack

Who uses the “search” to check if there is another thread with the exact same content?

Definitely not you. :joy::hugs:

@Psarus, @TheRedDelilah, @ModMat please do your magic.

Don’t buy it…they do shit like this because people buy this crap

Sorry to offend you, I’ll leave my words at that so I don’t get banned, but feel free to not comment on everything you see

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Here is the other thread on it

And yes, this is a horrible value for what you get.

I don’t feel offended by your words, but duplicating threads… Dude, you are not a newcomer.