Carnival Thank You!

Thank you for the carnival pack. Right price point for most players too. Shows that you have even the average guy/gal in mind with this offer.!

We really appreciated this one off offer.

Thanks again!



Well I liked it and so did my team!

SO THERE!:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Sometimes people just want to throw a buck or two at the game, but I really have to urge people who want to buy two $50 packs to just get the $100 :woman_facepalming:

The carnaval pack is not useful at all. If you want to spend $100 then buy 2 $50 packs and you’ll get better stuff

Let see what I got for $10

the 100 sigils=1 gold chest because of Tor, that gave me 20 healing potions.

Now the 2500 rubies allows me to get 10 more gold chests, plus a bonus legendary chest, hmmmmmmm $10

inner fires get me to my achievements faster, thus more rubies, thus More chests.

True the rune dust is meager, but will expert a common for a bit till something better comes along.

Hmmmm $10 I say?

Yes $10. If you do not see value in this well then you are related to a politician who thinks my huge tax refund and my wife’s raise and bonus are near crumbs.


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And you sir are including your current in game resources to artificially inflate the numbers. Politician may I say?

  • from the engineer

As you say people need to math better

That huge tax refund (if you are getting one) is for 2017 - new tax law doesnt effect 2017. Cant say yet what 2018 will look like. And yes they really are crumbs compared to the large giveaway the corporations and 1% got. But you need to look a bit further down the road to see the smoke and mirrors.



No smoke and mirrors required. Here is the info:

According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, 65 percent of the savings from the tax cut this year will go to taxpayers in the top 20 percent of the income ladder; 20 percent of the savings will go to the top 1 percent. By 2027, when many of the personal tax cuts are set to have expired, 83 percent of the savings will go to the top 1 percent of earners. (The bottom 60 percent will see a tax increase.)

Scott Horsley
NPR White House Correspondent

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I am dirt poor! Lol at that.

If I am in the top 40% then you sir ar Elan Musk. Good to meet you.

You see the less you have the more the little things mean, maybe that is why I like this package and you all don’t.

My momma told me even poor people can afford good manners, it is a shame those above us have forgotten theirs.

P.S-I am going to tell you a short story of once was a great woman, my mother.
Never graduated 7th grade, left with 4 children when I was 4, raised us off of tips as a bartender and during the day she worked at a toy store as a clerk in our very small town.
She did not get paid one red cent for clerking at that store all year, at the end of the year the owners would tally up her annual wages and exchange that for toys so my brother and I would have the best Christmas on outer block (my sister’s were older and had married and moved out, my brother was a year younger than me).
You see, the real value of little things. Little things add up until they mean the most.
This is just a little of what a great woman taught me.

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How did you get 10 gold chests with 2500 rubies :thinking::thinking:

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I had 1500 already

Nice story but I wonder what she’d say if she knew what you just spend $10 on :thinking: No ill-will intended just the pack buying doesn’t match the intent of your story. My mom would probably hang her head in shame if she even knew I was spending $5 a month on a cell phone trinket lol (yes, I’m a poor person)

Being full Sicilian, she would would probably smack me upside the head with a sarcastic smile.

Mom also understood that value was a personal perception. She did not mind an indulgence or two even for herself. I tried to encourage her to take one or two in the day, once in awhile she would.

She was loud, brash, and a laugh heard through town. I miss her laugh. My 3 children have never had the honor of meeting her. Until that day we are all together again.

Cheers to her man, seriously. I’m still not buying this pack though lol let alone groveling to thank them for it. To each their own I guess. When I see a post like this I just see PG headquarters going nuts at their newfound realization that the player base has proven to love their new thing. I don’t buy outside of elite but if that day changes I hope it’s for something that isn’t a piece of poop

He didn’t mention the dime bag he smoked prior to opening…

Wow, just wow. “New math” Millennial it seems

Is that 1% US or world? 60k us dollars a year puts you in the 1% for the world.

You can buy whatever the hell you want with your money but… I don’t get the “thank you PG” thing I’m sorry.
It actually bothers me that most purchasing packs even exist. Maybe I’m getting too old… grumpy…

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