Carthanak ‘hack’?

Hi folks.
Currently have two members of PartyCrashers insisting I am a hacker due to one of their bases towers being unable to return fire on backers dragons after an attack and death of my Corthanak as lead.
There were six players in the battle, I suspect PG server time out/overload, but they insist I hacked.

I know nothing about hacking, so has anyone else seen this?

Take this out of atlas forum please, general discussion or off topic… or even better, ignore it :grimacing:

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Most likely those towers were already dead but visually still showed.

Oh boy. There’s one of the accusers now.
In response - That would be why I’m posting it in PG’s own public forum. I don’t hack. The extent of my coding knowledge is that I can enter my password correctly. :grin:

It’s in atlas as it only occurred in atlas, to the best of my knowledge. Sorry, should have mentioned that.

:joy::joy::joy: the towers weren’t dead they used 3 more dragons to kill them and they were not shooting.

It’s not my first time playing the game sucks I didn’t record it.

Also can you explain how did you pop shields with no fort and no one attacking when Other Prims came to your base??? Since you don’t know coding how do you know it was coding??? Is that what it’s called??

Like I said in game email, if you’re concerned then lodge a ticket. I have no SS so I can’t, but here’s the public forum so you can ask PG forum staff questions about it.

I have nothing to hide, I welcome any scrutiny.

The shield went up when 59k troops were killed. Other than that, I can’t assist you with your enquiry.

I’ve experienced defending against this and it’s not the fault of the player, but rather the base spell of blast: freeze. If it’s frozen early or multiple times, towers will be perma frozen. It sucks but it’s PG’s code, not the player.

This is something you should have left for them to report and prove yourself not guilty.
Instead, coming to forums will show you more in bad light irrespective of whether you were right or not.
Either way its brave of you to come to public forums.