Case of the Disappearing Emojis


I already put in a ticket for this some weeks ago but nothing they suggested has fixed my issue thus far so I bring this to you knowledgeable folks.

I cannot see any emojis in chat. LC, TC, personal chats. I can choose emojis to send and everyone else can see the emojis I send, but once they’re sent, they’re invisible to me. I can see a space where they should be if inserted before text, and I can even see emojis in all my mails. But not in chats.

I noticed this immediately after installing Android 9.0 on my Pixel 2 so I thought it may have something to do with the new emoji set released with that update so I’ve been trying to be patient until the game had a chance to update and hopefully self-correct the issue but it’s been at least a month and still nothing. Online conversation without the subtext emojis offer is extremely difficult. I’m tired of seeing blank responses due to this issue.

I have logged out and uninstalled the game, cleared the game cache, put the phone in airplane mode, closed all tabs on my phone’s browsers. I’m open to more suggestions. :weary:


Suggestion: switch to text emojis in the meantime- :-D, :-), :”), :>, D:, and ):< are all good choices to express complicated feelings.

I’ve never heard of this sort of glitch before, but…don’t repress your feelings while waiting to get it fixed.


I still use regular emojis since I can see them when I’m typing, I just have to remember what I used since I can’t see them after I send :laughing: So using text emojis may help me on my end. But when people respond to me, and all they send is an emoji, I have no idea what their response was. Are they laughing at my comment? Are they offended? Rolling their eyes? I’m clueless :sob::joy:


Can confirm that any time I mention getting a legendary gear piece, Kate expresses complicated feelings very clearly.

Beyond that, do you have this problem with any other apps on your Android device? Android 9 made some revisions to how they handle things. This is about a previous version, but the general points wrt problems due to the fragmentation of the Android marketplace remain true.


I haven’t had any issues on any other apps but release dates not syncing with each other across platforms and apps is exactly what I’m thinking the problem is, I just haven’t been able to confirm. Pixel gets updates even earlier than other Android phones and I heard the new Unicode 11.0 was part of that update with Android Pie. Maybe no one else has released it yet and I just have to wait for PG to update to Unicode 11.0?


It’s the game, mine disappeared several updates ago. I can’t even see my own once I press send if I use one in any chat. Oddly they show up just fine within in game messages though. Just not in chat.

I believe I mentioned this to Arelyna in an old post but I just assume if I see a blank line in chat it’s someone flipping me off, so I attack them. Sucks 'cause I can’t attack team mates…



Bump for this annoying issue! Emojis show in game mail but not chats. How hard can it be to add emoji support for an OS update that’s been out over a month now? Half the community communicates in emojis, please fix!!


It’s the game, and it has been a problem for me on (now) three different devices and 4 different versions of Android. I don’t think it’ll get fixed in this lifetime.


Thank you! At least I know it’s a legit issue and not just me :weary: You don’t realize how much communication happens with only emojis until you can’t see them anymore! :pensive:


Aye, have you tried turning off and on your device? That’s my solution to everything :eye:‍:left_speech_bubble:


That’s also Zendesk’s solution to everything, and 99% of the time it does absolutely nothing. :t_rex:


Works well for me


Necro revive thread!

It’s been a couple of months now and still can’t see emojis in this game with Android Pie. And ONLY in this game.
Please, please do something about it. Not having emojis in 2018 is like only barely speaking the language in a new country. There are entire conversation that might as well be clicks and whistles to me. :frowning:


HEY PG! This is still an issue. What’s the problem? Your worst developer could probably fix this in an hour. Are you incompetent as a software company or do you only fix issues that bring in money? Don’t worry, we already know the answer…


But thanks for the ridiculous new map that everyone hates and doesn’t even work. Wonder how many man hours that crap took to put together.


After being banned for the weekend… I’d like to politely ask @PGCrisis @PGJared if this is even being looked at? In-game communication really sucks without emojis and it’s been a couple months now. Just want a response from PG.


Bump for response


Bump for response


You aren’t missing that much @SuperTrunks420

At least not in this case…


Was a perfect example though lol