Case of the Disappearing Emojis


Angry Mob




I decided to go look and see if anyone has posted anything about this issue and found this thread. I don’t think PG cares about this, since there is no reply of the team and this has been going on ever since I got Android 9 months ago.

So… bump


@PGJared anything you can speak to in this?


I don’t really have any information about this issue.






I had a pixel and they used to work till they updated to the new emojis. Then I moved my account to my new pixel3 same issue. However my kids account was on a older android and they worked there. Then we moved there account to my old pixel and there went the emoijs. I would say that the Google keyboard is just to advance lol :cold_face:




What kinda phone u got skullbone?


OnePlus 6
Running latest Android.


Strangely the emojis still work within messages, just not chat (for me at least).

I can neither see other’s nor my own. With one exception… I see the gender ID of the shrugging man/woman but that’s it.

This happened several updates ago.


Yeah I have a Pixel as well and I also assume that Google is too up-to-date since they were the first to release the new emojis and immediately after that update is when my emojis on War Dragons disappeared. I kinda confirmed this because other players can see the emojis I send EXCEPT when I use one of the newly released emojis. I still can’t see any emojis tho in chat. Only in mails like FLAK mentioned. C’mon PG, give us an emoji update!


Just upgraded my phone to a Pixel 2 xl, and immediately had this problem. Wondering if anyone has come up with a workaround? Like potentially installing a different keyboard on the phone?

I was having issues with the keyboard repeatedly opening and closing when I tried to type messages on my old Galaxy S7, so this is way better, but I’d still like to be able to see emojis!


I can tell you standard Android, tenor and several others do not fix this issue


Shhheeeeeiiiiit, I haven’t seen emojis in game chat for over a year, it’s definitely not related to Android 9, 8, 10, or 24.

Yes, I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled, I’ve updated all the apps, restarted the phone, uninstalled/reinstalled w/ a restart, wiped my Dalvik Cache, reset to stock, etc.

Emojis just don’t seem to work with some phones ¯_(ツ)_/¯


It’s about software, Android 9 updated emojis and pg hasn’t programmed for them.


If it were Android why would they still show in in-game messages but not chat? I would think they wouldn’t show in either if it were an issue with Android or the device.


Different functions… I didn’t program the game so I can only make an educated guess here. They use internal code to display in chats and your phone’s local for mail.