Casting the LotusBloom Season Movie

Alright, so - let’s act like the LotusBloom Season was being turned into a movie, and we have to cast the actors/voice actors for this season’s dragons and riders. Let’s see your cast list, and tell us why you made your choice. You don’t have to cast everyone!

The cast:
Human actors
Maya, Naja’s Herald
Suresh, Architect of War

Asura, Emberheart Drake
Nucifera, Keeper of Balance
Danav, The Grand Destroyer
Naja, The Great Protector
Rashka, Jungle Demon
Arboralith, Nature Incarnate

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Maya - Salma Hayek
Suresh - Harrison Ford
Asura - Sean Connery
Nucifera - Morgan Freeman
Danav - Joe Pesci
Naja - Jason Mamoa
Rashka - Will Smith
Arboralith - Uma Thurmon


Maya- fangsies
Suresh- fangsies but Scottish

asura- fangsies acting like a cat
nucifera- doesn’t talk, but also fangsies
danav- fangsies attempting to be scary
naja- fangsies, british
rashka- only makes screeching noises, done by fangsies
arboralith- fangsies except mean

you’re welcome, when will you need me to provide all voices and acting roles?


i would not sure about GalIleo though

also by the thing you sound like you have as much nationality’s as god

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The cast:
Human actors
Maya, Naja’s Herald - Freida Pinto. She can act, and has the presence of the herald of a great protector.

Suresh, Architect of War - Wilmer Valderrama. Plays Carlos in From Dusk Till Dawn the series, and can def pull off being an Architect of War. That or Ice T. Because Ice T. :joy:

Generally in my head the dragons wouldn’t speak, but if they did:
Asura, Emberheart Drake - Jacob Tobia. Voices Double-Trouble on the new She-ra, this is the voice I have in mind when I imagine a dragon hunter that’s fickle about trust.

Nucifera, Keeper of Balance - Angelina Jolie. Nucifera is basically a split-personality dragon, which she can do, and she has a great voice to boot! But would also be cool to see a dual voice here, one for disorder, one for tranquility, but no idea on second voice!

Danav, The Grand Destroyer - Mark Hamill. Fire Lord Ozai. The end.

Naja, The Great Protector - Queen Latifah. I like her style.

Rashka, Jungle Demon - Will Smith was my choice here as well. Mostly because Raskha has a kind of scary story and it would be great to hear him voice something terrifying and somewhat villainous.

Arboralith, Nature Incarnate - Cate Blanchett. She sounds like nature incarnate lol, although her role in Ragnarok leads me to believe she could also be a fabulous Danav, she does destroyer quite well.


So far they all look pretty good

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you forgot a cast, PGGalileo, with a pitch

:joy: :rofl: :+1:t2:

found that funny af when i first saw that part of the reply; gave me an image of line in a medieval themed tv show.

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Sometimes you gotta go medieval :joy: