Castix/Fallen: Round 2

Just calling it now😂.


I wish :pensive:

Maxed Destar in 1 day while teamless. Just don’t want any shock or we didn’t know when they get the MonstersDesert treatment :thinking:


Yall in different world. :unamused:

Panda, Panda, Panda

You and I both know it :man_shrugging:

Haha i’ll miss your excessive trolling Panda. What exactly do you know? People max dragons within a day with every new tier release. Surely Princess’s is Max or close to it by now isn’t it?

I bet. She actually plays the game though. And has a team, ohwell guess we will see

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Well my time there with him was for only 1 day but he was on a lot that one day… not a great sample time i admit.

If you are dropping from diamond, why don’t you join my team and help us? :hugs:

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What is your problem ?want money to do your destar or something !!!

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It’s not my problem that when you saw my destar he was maxed it took 3 days actually :grin:

Ihaha nice try. I’m good where I am

I had to try, seeing your comments in other posts :man_shrugging:

It’s too funny)

so… they released on Wednesday, and you maxxed him by Saturday?

two legendaries —> 200 runs
then 1.5billion xp on the mythic? at roughly 1 million xp per run ----> 1500 runs.

And all this before the xp bonus kicked in?

So 1200 odd runs, at 3 minutes a run = 5100 mins; 85 hours of non stop play, without a second of break, and all this fitted into 72hours



And lets not forget all the food…daamn!

i dont know what you calculate but i get 470k + 940k (200% boost) + 75% elite bonus… :smirk:

you missing Runes, Exp potions, and 200% boosts… but yes still lots of grinding.

Im not.

All above was with all that calculated in. Remember this was before the xp increase

Also the miracle of finding the 90 million food needed during breed event. All ofcourse instantly since he was running xp.

Anyways he banned already.