Castix/Fallen/Veneer: Round?

Here we go again :joy:


Don’t understand

Here’s one of the previous accounts he had banned (has to be approaching double digit bans at this point)

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Or RoyalRoad is trolling you guys.

Like they were trolling when he was banned on their team last time?:joy:

I mean if I were anyone in Diamond I, I’d change my name to some form of that just to fuck with you guys. As such, maybe they just had a player change their name… to troll you. Simple concept.

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That might work if it wasn’t in the 400s lol hard to miss those

Also maybe it’s just my lack of trust… but they leveled Mafic and rhyo high enough to be stronger than 2 harbingers at breed level? (obvious since they have destar) who in the right mind wouldn’t expert their harbingers if they’re going to expert something like mafic?

Haha yeah NMO trolled us pretty well with Veneer

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Haha banned…again :joy:

Stop using the name in your topics just to get attention. I don’t even play the game anymore after Fallen got banned

Haha sure I bet. Wait…here you are on the forums, with a recent avatar. Hmm…talking about one of your old banned accounts in the third person isn’t odd at all :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I like foxes

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