Castle confused who’s its owner

Been sniping a bit and saw a very curious thing.
What is this wizardry when the castle belongs to one team (and some prims of said team are on the castle) but all of its guards are belonging to a completely different team? :thinking::sweat_smile:
Have ss but not posting cause they have team names of course.


It’s AnD. They obviously used their witchcraft to steal the guards and give them to an allied team. Then the bots used changed the team of all the prims on the castle.

@tinbru What do you have to say for yourself?

Before someone flags me, it’s a joke.


Yeah just in case those are the teams from the other side :grin:

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.


Try to hit guards and find out

Flags you


AnD are cheaters. Ban AnD.




The thread is not about them, please stop.
I want to know why is the described situation happening.


!autoban ANGELSnDEM0NS

Back on topic - It’s probably either that the prims are enemy prims to the team’s castle, or it’s a glitch.

Can’t be that prims are enemy. They are of the same team name that has castle’s ownership.
So the team name under castle name is same as prims and the guards have a different team linked to them.
I’ve been checking throughout the day, it’s not a one-time only event, stays the same after reloading and so on.

Edit: out of curiosity checked the 5ta of said team and guards do belong to one of their 5ta

Saw the same thing some time ago, right after Atlas shuffle. Probably just a glitch, good ol’ pg spaghetti code :slight_smile:

Seemed to happen on a couple castles after the “unshuffle”. They show as different team, but behave normally.