Castle Conquering

Here is an article by Arelyna about castle conquering

So if you are conquering a castle from another team (I.e. it is NOT unowned) you do not have to have all enemy prims less than 10k. Is this correct or is the article wrong? What does your TA count as in this scenario? Are they classified as enemy? So many people have different opinions on this I would like it clarified please.

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@Arelyna could you have a look and see if this is still correct or not?

If I’m not wrong, there are 2 conditions:

  1. Owner must have less than 10k
    This one is easy - just kill all of them

  2. Conquering prime must have > all other enemy troops combined
    So here, you’ll need to make sure you use a big ass prime (fully loaded taunter say) and make sure all your non 5TA allies move off. That one single prime needs to have more troops than all non-5TA combined. 5TA don’t count as enemy.

Hope this helps.

Edit: actually 3 - no castle guards - but I suppose that’s a given.


Thanks. However if your big ass taunter has more than non 5TA they don’t really need to move off right?

Yes - it just needs more than all enemy troops. Enemy defined as all non-5TA.

Despite PG’s article, i found the 2nd condition to be false from experience. Tried using big ass taunter once but it didn’t work.

I found this scenario to be closer to actual game mechanics:
For conquer to happen, total enemy troops has to be less than 10k - i.e. sum of troops on red primarchs < 10k

That said, i might be mistaken and happy to be enlightened :+1:


:man_shrugging: Last couple of conquers we wiped the enemies so you’re probably right! :joy:

Need official input from @Arelyna

Any feedback?

Yes the Zendesk article is wrong apparently total enemy troops need to be less than 10k. So there is no difference whether a castle is owned or unowned. Kind of an important detail for people to know imo.