Castle defence atlas

This ivecategory is for you to suggest changes to the game, whether it’s in relation to the Dragons, bases, towers, PVP eafter plavents, War runs, or anything you’d like to discuss.



For too long castle guard has offered little restance to pirate teams , and solo hits. Even defended with 3 players it’s a easy auto sweep. Since they have no castle there is no retaliation possible. Makes for large troops loss on castle team if dealing with many snipers. Please add a buffer for defended attacks or a castle button that freeze a prime after 2 guard hits, allowing you time to recover guard and get to castle to remove threatening primes. Even a retaliation war button that is set up to retrieve troops or guard would be a blessing.

Lol no, if you can’t hold castle drop it



I know! How about we prohibit hitting castles at all? Please introduce a permanent shield button that we can feed with black pearls :raised_hands:

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People just want the castles but dont spend time or troops for it lol.

Quite the opposite. If they load enough for 2 guard hits, they’re counterable, which is acceptable.

The one annoying is those sniping by hitting down, loaded with super small amount of troops.


Not true, the issue here is fair exchange of glory. A pirate teams feeds on glory but usually gives none back to the game economy. This is called a parasite and usually exterminated.

The button already exists. It’s called a shield and stops your troop / guard loss for X-hours.

The issue of fair exchange of glory remains, the advantage is always to the attacker which picks time, place, and troop levels.

I do think lower level castles should have a more defendable base, or options to reinforce like the old KOH barricades.

Since I posted this we hav gone through 300k troops. It’s not that we are low troops or not watching. Or have alarms It’s the weak guard on the castle a lvl 500+ can fly through guard 3x while help is on the way or in the time it takes to load the game.

I’ve been a pirate, I’ve been hard defended by teams. They take turns to trap me with low troop trappers. Call their friends. All that kind of stuff that makes me want to move to another castle.

Also triple defended their huge taunters all the time slowing me down even more, with the occasional krefeeble on me. Multiple counters.
Etc etc.

So defending against pirates is not that hard.

Ofc if your team doesn’t have a level that can beat the pirate base. Then it can be considered as unfair but otherwise no, just drop the castle if you can’t or don’t want to spend time to defend it. If your team isn’t that active to help defend. Don’t hold the castle. Lol
Why do you want to give your team castle benefits if they don’t help defend it?

That’s the price of open unbalanced engagement on a defensive map!

The attacker will always have the advantage of initiation of conflict and further increasing defensive mechanics will only increase stagnation! Lol

Defense is rewarded and so it’s your choice to defend stagnation or not but you will have to set aside the rewards of fear ……………:man_shrugging:

Defense is not and never has ……and truly never will be a viable long term objective for a tactical game!
Sorry it’s just not going to supply long term play :+1: by its very nature……

It’s a mechanic added to tactical games to make them short term and to shorten the time it takes to play the game :rofl:

Good luck defending that short term objective 24/7
while I set my own objective of pure long term offense!

It’s almost like I want to play this game long term! :scream:shocking idea lol

Pg can not dictate play style to a player…… we will just set our own singular objectives :man_shrugging: