Castle for Lease?

We are new to Atlas and although we were able to get a castle during the recent land grab, we were promptly evicted and exiled. Does any one have any ideas where we may lease a castle to at least have a place to lay our heads down? Sleeping under a bridge hasn’t been any fun at all. We would also require some protection while we settle it. Does anyone know what kind of terms would/should even be acceptable for us newbies? Any help at all is appreciated!

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Shop for alliances, it won’t be easy as a new team

Yes agree. Build troops, make friends, find another team that may be willing to share a region with you. We had a new team move in next door to us recently - they got a castle from our neighbours.

My homeless shopping cart is empty at the moment. Hoping someone will take us home with them!!

Welcome to the “Feudal Time” dragonlord

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Seems like I accomplishing killing them for glory as fast as I can make them. Whatever helpful info that anyone can provide is gratefully accepted. Build troops, train primarchs and farm invaders and gold mines on our “get 'we done” list

I would ignore glory for now and just build build build

Thank you, grumpybird :kissing_smiling_eyes:

It is going to be tough. Get yourself into an alliance, and work on building up your troops and primarchs. Spend a month or two (depends how dedicated your team is) and get everybody proper primarchs and 25k-30k troops for every person in your alliance.

Then go together as a whole alliance and overtake a single castle in a piece of land. Learn the proper takeover technique (bubble the first day, wipe the second day) and your ENTIRE alliance should work to take it. Alliance leader gets the castle and every alliance member sits and protects. Eventually expand and take over the other 1 or 2 castles in the region.

I will share this info with my team. I appreciate your patience with all of us newbies poking and prodding!

Warmonger! I prefer the diplomatic approach…:joy:

Lots of teams out there have space they can share

If you get into a bigger alliance (not very likely) then you are all set, they will just give you a castle. However it will teach your team NOTHING and you won’t feel very accomplished i don’t think.

If you can’t get into a bigger alliance, you are going to have to join forces (alliance) with other teams in the same situation as you, then follow my advice above :slight_smile:

At work at the moment…i hope.we can further any other tidbits of advice

I think we definitely want to learn things!! Thanks :grin:

Can you explain bubble and wipe, or direct me to a link where it’s explained?

I appreciate this post @IRONxPhantazm , and I hope that you get approached in game by similarly minded new teams and form an amazing alliance.

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If you own a castle, you need to build a “Fort”, this will enable the “Barricade” feature, which is displayed as a red circle around the castle, and causes delays to enemy Primarchs.

The Fort has a safety feature, which after a set amount of your own team troops die, a Shield (Bubble) is placed over the Castle for 24 hours.

The Bubble has a 3 (4?) hour cooldown, so after 24 hours, the enemy has the cooldown period to destroy all Primarchs and Castle Guards (Wipe) you off the castle, and “Conquer” the castle for their own. If they are unable to Wipe you before the Shield reset, they will Bubble for another 24 hours.


Forgot the Link – Check the section on Forts.

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“We just got Atlas…now what?”


@PGDave @pgEcho I have to imagine this is how almost all of the new teams are feeling unless they had a previous relationship with another team. They dont need to be given everything…but most of the level 2s should be slated for teams like this perhaps?

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