Castle for sale?


I was just wondering if anyone has any level 2 dark, ice or earth castles that they would be willing to sell. Just send me a pm on the forums, Cheerios!

LFT low level atlas



:joy:guess not then lol


What is the going rate for a T2 castle? 3 million gold?


Bought one in the first week of land grab for…10M? I assume it’s more now, given how everyone’s built up infra :joy:


I think our second cadtle was like 100M, I’m not exactly sure but I know for sure it was over 70M


Wow, from 10M to 100M in four months. :flushed:

I wonder how much they will cost in another four months …


Was one before Atlas elite vs after?
Prior to elite a T3 was around 30-40M IIRC. 20M for a T2.

I also don’t think gold is a commodity anymore.


Before I joined my current team, an officer on my old team arranged a sale of a castle that involved a lot of gold and a lot of food :eyes: Food is probably a more valuable comodity :sweat_smile:


Well, it also seemed like it was just a big team coming in during landgrab to grab castles to resell, with no intention of keeping them.


This was after , and your right…gold really isn’t an issue anymore


Why is that? We’re normally overflowing with food and dumping it into the void.


I think that at end game food is more scarce for the big dragons


@TulkasDeBalic is correct. I haven’t experienced it personally since I’m still just a mid-level player at 235, but end game dragons take a shit ton of food to train, and the bigger you are, the fewer bases you have to choose from in order to get a decent food payout to feed dragons that require more than 1M food per feed for low level feedings. I would not be surprised if they took closer to 2M food or more as they get closer to expert.


Some plat teams trade food for gold with s and d teams because in lower leagues it’s harder to get gold than it is in higher, and vice versa with food. Fair trade :slight_smile:


300M gold


I remember our team blowing through 800M gold in under half an hour when we got a new castle, 300M isn’t going to do diddly squat lol.


Value of food and gold is equal… depending on the team.

Big Teams - Food is more valuable.

Smaller/Mid Teams - Usually gold is more valuable than food.

This is why it’s not 10M gold for 1M food like someone has suggested in the past… the teams wanting the gold value it more than food and the one buying is the opposite. It’s a supply and demand on a two way street, not just one team benefiting.


So the food I’ve been throwing away has value to the biggie bigs :thinking:


Talking about the cost to buy