Castle Giveaway on Peter24742 Twitch TV 2.0 - Congratulations to the Winners!

Hey Everyone!!

The time has come yet again for us to give castles away to help teams that are trying to grow!!

When is this happening?

This will happen on Friday, June 3rd, from 23:00 UTC - 2:00 UTC (7pm - 10pm EST)

Where is this happening?

On Peter24742 Twitch TV

What are we giving away?

3 Castles, all 1 bubble deep, all Tier 2 castles

1 Fire, 1 Ice, 1 Dark

Why are we doing this?

There are many in this game who are truly trying to make an effort to help support and give smaller teams the chance to grow in Atlas. This is us…

The game economy is just horrible in Atlas, and if you are on a team just starting out, buying a castle is just not practical or realistic. So we are going to help out a few teams get better situated as the new lands open up for the bigger teams.

We can’t promise that it will stay safe forever, but it is definitely better that a direct gateway castle.

None of these castles were conquered recently so there is no animosity or history to the castles; simply changing ownership.

If you are unsure about castle management, etc, there is a lot of Atlas Tutorials on YouTube and there are several of us that Stream on Twitch pretty much daily that can help and answer any questions that you may have. #LiveSupportTeam

Hope to see you there!!! Spread the word and lets make it a Party!!!


Are those castles T2?

Yes, sorry…will edit and clarify


This is starting in about an hr :blush:

Come check it out to participate!!

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One hour left to enter!