Castle Giveaway on Peter24742 Twitch TV

We will be giving away a tier 2 1BD castle live today on Twitch!!

Join the stream and follow the channel to enter the draw!! #DarkCastle is the command to type in chat!!


When will the streaming begin? :eyes:

This was done in yesterday’s stream.

Leading up to the end of the atlas season, I do plan to have more coming up.

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Congratulations to AirDragons on the new Castle!!!


If there is advance notice of the giveaway, more teams will be able to apply because they can have time to discuss owning a castle with their teammates. :smiley:

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Missed out on this :frowning: will there be another chance in near future?

Yes, we will likely be doing more giveaways next pvp


Thanks for the heads up

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