Castle Giveaway on Peter24742 Twitch TV!

Hey Everyone!! It’s that time again!!

We will be giving away multiple castles on Wednesday!

If you are on a smaller team and have few or no castles, this may be a good opportunity for you to acquire a new home!!

Castles will be either 1 or 2 bubbles deep and will be either T2 or T3 castles.

To be eligible, you will need to be present at the time of the draw and a follower on the channel.

We hope that big teams won’t take advantage of this gesture and snatch the castles from the teams that move in; we are doing this to help smaller teams grow and situate themselves as we believe that the bigger teams should be fighting for and occupying the larger tier castles.

Once we hand over the castles, we will not get involved in any future battles on those castles. If you need help with castle management, etc, we are live daily on Twitch to answer any questions you may have and we also have many tutorials up on YouTube for your convenience.

Spread the word and come chill with us!!!



Hyperlink fixed as pointed out by someone in a DM

Thanks :blush:

Define small and big?

I can ask a few small teams I know with a bunch of lowbies below level 500s if they want any 1bd or 2bd.

And then I’ll pass on words to a few different bigger-but-not-too-big teams if they want to conquer those given castles.


Right now there is a large issue in the game; good castles are being held by big teams that don’t necessarily need them

I am trying to help teams smaller than my own that are struggling to acquire castles.

I would hope that teams won’t take advantage of those who would move in and try to build a name in Atlas :sweat_smile:

If a team genuinely feels that they need castles, then they can enter

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Peter is live now, giving away castles!
Go get your free castles! :tada:

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I have just gone live!! Come and enter the draw guys!!

The more we have in the stream the more we give away!!

Let’s get our hype on!!

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Congratulations to MortalCHaos, AirDragons, MadTeaParty, DRAKOS457ARMY and NutzandGutz!!

I hope you enjoy your new homes :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: I see names thst aren’t small enough…


How did S1/S2 teams with 14+ castles fit into this criteria?

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We had 6 unique teams join the draw, out of that, 5 of them won.

I have no control over who comes to the channel to participate in the giveaway.

I did try to share the opportunity with as many people as possible including posting here, in real estate chats, and I went as far as logging into alt accounts and posting in LC.

Any team who saw this thread or perhaps even had a player in any of the recent twitch shows between Laika, Pep and myself would also have known as we were all talking about it.

This wasn’t the first and isn’t planned to be the last giveaway that we do. There will be more opportunities.

I am happy that teams smaller and less situated than mine got the castles.


All im gonna say…

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