Castle Giveaway on Twitch for a Smaller Team

Good Morning Everyone!!

We have a level 2 castle that we are going to be giving away today during my stream.

The castle is one bubble deep off of safe zone and is a Wind castle.

This was not a conquered castle so there is no teams currently trying to reclaim it.

If there are any smaller teams looking for their first castle or any teams trying to build up, I encourage you to join the stream and participate in the draw!

This is an alliance neutral stream that is held daily and anyone is welcome to join.

If you have any teams that you are mentoring, you are newer to atlas and don’t have a castle to call your own or you know somebody that is; please share this with them!!

The stream will be from 7pm EST until 10pm EST. You will be able to enter the raffle at any point during the stream and we will draw the winner at 10pm EST and hand the castle over live during the stream.

The stream host is Peter24742 on Twitch.


**Small team with 2 or less castles
**Follower on channel
**Have some guard to throw onto the castle once received (team glory)
**Must be on team entering raffle

We will also be talking about Temple Raid during the event and how to set your teams up for success.

This is a great place for any level of player to log in and ask any questions the may have regarding any aspect of the game whether it be standard events or atlas.

We hope to see you there!!


(May also want to post the twitch link)


That’s war time to anyone not is EST timezone!

Or midnight for us Brits :grinning::+1:t3:

Bump - 20 mins to enter before the draw is made.

Link above!

Thank you all that participated!

Congratulations to the team that got the castle!


Nice one Peter! Hope it went well! :+1::+1:

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It did, thank you :blush:

This is a wonderful thing
This will help smaller team growth much better


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