Castle Giveaway

We will be giving away a castle to new teams that have joined atlas recently . The castle is 1bd ( 1 bubble deep ) .

I want to give the chance to new teams to get a castle to start understanding atlas . You will have no need to pay us anything or own us anything .

Rules to apply :

  1. 0 -1 castles owned right now
  2. Must be full team 50/50
  3. Alliance affiliation doesn’t matter

Reach me in line : Efremi

If many applicants I will choose the winner with an online tool videorecorded and posted in YT .

Greetings from DarkWinds






May also want to make sure they have guards for it lol


Awesome idea Eff - most teams get gates which can be a brutal defence only introduction to atlas.

1bd helps them learn both offence and defence.


Love the idea, but since it’s a new atlas team, (unless they’ve found themselves in a good seasoned 5TA) what’s stopping other seasoned teams from taking an easy castle after PvP?

(Honest question as this is the state of our game… :confused:)


Usually these entry teams are atlas rank 1500 - 2000 so it’s probably going to be zero glory for most competitive teams.

I suspect the area will have a pretty strong defensive community already established.

But I guess thats the nature of atlas nothing is certain and all teams gotta cut their teeth at some point!

Any chance any giving away 9-12 deep castles go new atlas team instead?

That’s a great idea, you should do that.


This is still open , I am still willing to give away a castle to new teams but havent been approached yet . I’ll keep this open till the end of the next pvp event just in case .

Best of luck dragon lords :raised_hands:


Have more castles than the req. and we aren’t 50/50.


We aren’t a new team but we have 50 members and only one castle… we would love a second bubble castle if anything is available
Much appreciated and thanks in advance

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You could ask ours leader/officers. We have an entry castle we could give you if you mean by bubble castle an entry castle.