Castle Guard mechanics question

Hello @pgEcho and @PGEggToken

I have a question about the mechanics of hitting castle guards in atlas. I know that you can hit castle guards when your prim is carrying more troops than the combined total of troops on prims guarding the castle. However there seems to be a small detail about this that doesn’t seem right to me.

Example 1: there is one prim with 5k troops on a castle. I go to the castle with 6k troops and I hit guards.

Example 2: same castle but I arrive with 4k troops. I hit the prim, wipe him out, then hit the guards with my remaining troops.

Both of these are fine. The next one is the issue.

Example 3: same castle. I arrive with 4k troops. I attack the one prim sitting there. BUT the team notices the attack and sends reinforcements. Let’s say another prim with 10k troops that is coming from 3 minutes away. I finish my attack and try to hit the castle guards. I will be unable to hit them because the incoming prim has more troops than me, and those troops seem to count as protecting the castle EVEN THOUGH the prim hasn’t arrived yet. I am stuck by the blockade and can’t leave. I can’t attack guards because the prim is coming. And I can’t attack the prim because it hasn’t arrived yet. I sit there like an idiot.

This is what doesn’t seem right to me. It would make sense to me that the prims need to actually have arrived to prevent hits on the castle guards. Not merely be en route.

Thank you for taking the time to read and all input is welcome.


I agree. This “Schrödinger’s primarch” issue has never made sense to me. The primarch is either there and should be counted as such/attack-able/etc or it isn’t and should be irrelevant at the castle until arrival. Wouldn’t mind seeing inbound primarchs marked with an asterisk or something on the castle list to make current combatants clearer as well.


Spooky, do you know if prime stats come into play vs castle guards? Will a trapper kill as much as a sieger? How do flame count work for guards?

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Forts have attack and defense ratings just like normal prims so they behave just like prims (trappers kill less than siegers). Their values can be found under the primarchs tab in the castle screen.

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