Castle Guard Swap


Can anyone please explain what “Castle Guard Swap” means and what purpose does it help with.


Its when two teams of similar power ranking mutually decide to use a safe tier 2 castle of each other , ( during pvp events ) for the other team to hit ,till the guard count of either castle reduces to a fixed number that has been decided earlier by the leaders of the teams ,participating.

Benefits? Very easy and safe glory for those lazy players who dont attack/ snipe other castles in atlas.
Or gives alot of safe additional glory for those who are active in atlas.
Having a guard swap every pvp helps players to complete atlas prizes without actually being involved in atlas in anyway, other than showing up on time for the swap.
Best way to get glory to level up your stubborn prims like trapper and taunters


Thanks for the explanation…So, its just a glory swap between 2 teams…Cool…


One quick question, how does it happen during PVP since bubble is up?

Well since bubbles are up for the event , you cant really attack castles and get glory, so i guess its a way of getting glory even during the long pvp week

Your castles guard count will be low after a swap session with a team. Making it more vulnerable.

So teams usually do guard swaps during the beginning of pvp events and use the rest of the days to build back those troops while pvp bubbles are still up.


Cool…Appreciate the effort you have put in to write detailed explanation. Thanks

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The officers can put the shield down when they want during pvp event and put it back up if things go south

I think this is how it works ,not sure myself lol
And no problem


You can disable the pvp shield and put it back up when you’re done

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