Castle Guard Swaps

So with the ROI on seasons clearly being the highest, people have turned to friendly castle guard kills for easy glory.

Generally speaking, the path of least resistance should not be the most rewarding. With that in mind, should there be an adjustment and if so what should it be? Simply swapping with the friendly teams should not yield the highest gain.

Perhaps a tweak to mechanics and target prioritization. Instead of primarchs first, castle guards are the primary target and they essentially act as a “shield” that overlays.

There really is not fully a way to negate this and perhaps there shouldnt be unless the scoring/prizing was changed.


Let people do what they desire.

Doing CG-Swaps can make you a prime target for attacks as well, so it can also yield negative consequences.

And changing the CG mechanic would drastically change how attacks on castles would work. I don’t think that with such a scope of consequences, a change for something that doesn’t harm anyone should be implemented.


When that happens people complain…a lot though.

I thought having mega alliances of friendly teams only backed by mass no hits and mostly friendly swaps caused harm on a macro level but maybe Atlas is very stable and going smoothly for all.

Tbh I think your scope is really small…very granular and not accounting for the impacts on a macro level but it could be my perspective too.

Well I’ve been trying to find someone to do castle guard swaps but no one seems interested. :cry:

This is totally in conflict with the whole of history. The best example is the benefit obtained from industrialization (I mean, look at the cotton gin). The path of least resistance is most often the most rewarding, at least in relative terms. Even from a military standpoint, this statement has proven to be incorrect over and over again. Just think of the campaign against Iraq when Kuwait was invaded. The path of least resistance saved countless lives.

What you really seem to be complaining about here is efficiency. People have learned of the most efficient way to maximize the use of their troops (like any good war commander would do by the way).It is curious, however, that you focus on this one item without any seeming criticism of the various other “paths of least resistance” that are fully accepted and integrated into the game.

For example, the use of invader bases is far and away the path of least resistance to gaining experience. Clearing your base before token missions is the path of least resistance when grinding out those missions. Using backers on high xp bases to get experience for low level dragons is a path of least resistance. Yet you do not raise any of those paths as an issue.

So it seems you have a specific concern beyond people optimizing the use of troops. I would assume that this stems from one of three things: (1) you are not getting as much glory as you want on absolute terms; (2) you are not getting as much glory as you want relative to other players; or (3) your team is not getting as much glory as it wants relative to other teams. If any of those are the case, I would think the solution would be go get more glory, not change the game mechanics.


From a game play perspective…
It does reduce interactions between opposing teams

It’s also kinda dumb imo to punish individuals for exceeding the glory required to max the atlas season lines. (badge>atlas chest conversion ratio change)

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I wonder how many clans feel like they have disposable castle guards they are willing to sacrifice for individuals wanting easy glory.

I’d also like to see the short list of clans who feel comfortable exposing a castle like that and have enough heavy hitters to inflict retribution on any clan that showed up uninvited to the swap party.

We can debate if the system is broken, but my first thought is that few have the luxury of utilizing this “feature”.

I think you’d be surprised at how many teams can and do use it.

You can see how much team glory you guys have on the top page of your Fort in your castle manager.
I’m not going to reveal our exact numbers, but we can fill up a high tiered castle many many many times over, maybe more than one would expect. You earn this glory from being more active and earning more seasonal glory.

So there may be quite a bit of difference depending on how the teams fare out there.

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People use the time during pvp events for it. Afterall there isnt a good choice instead of… Aligane with hundred prims, where people try to snipe, isnt really…

I think teams who have a lot can do it, and as it is said… of course there are disadvantages aswell about it. And its just a few times possible for many, before they realize that they are short of.

Other kind of GP swap exist aswell, so its just a different version of…
That castles give good glory is important too… what to do if its a bad rate ?
People wont like it , and it will take more time… Afterall the prizes need alot.

There should be talked about better ideas during the shielded time, otherwise just to lower something, and give nothing in exchange, while the situation is getting harder, wont help solving things i guess.

A different story is the troop build event during pvp… that way people earn glory and have something to rebuild to earn more out of it.

I in no way ever speak for my clan, clan leader, or anyone in clan management. I represent myself and myself only at all times. Having said that, I’ll eat my own hat if we ever engage in castle guard swaps. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen and participated in controlled glory swapping during PvP events by bouncing the shield, but they always make sure the guards were not available.

Right…but world progress and the mechanics for a game are probably two different things. If you make those two the same then in order to push the top groups to compete you have to overcome mechanics that actually deter people from doing so…and here you are.

Not saying it is not the efficient thing to do, it is. But because it is, there in lies some of the issues.

Feel free to list them out, there are probably some I fully disagree with.

Right and in some ways it could be better if you got MORE experience by having to beat harder bases. It could also probably be directly correlated as to part of why there are so many awful fliers too…also, faceroll dragons. Another example of what happens when you make something too easy.

Probably also should be fixed tbh

They also dont have the same sweeping effects.

Right if the most optimal use is for me to never fight anyone and only swap with friendlies…probably a bad idea.

Nope, Im all good

Nope, getting individual glory isnt really my goal…more interested in team objectives, wouldnt really expect you to know what that is.

Lol, once again…hardly an issue.

Right, I said it because it creates a paradigm where you have to overcome doing the easiest thing in order to actually want to fight, especially fight in a certain bracket. Asking people to ignore the easiest and most rewarding thing is clearly not going to happen.

I made this to address the general dynamic of something, not just my personally effect. If I made a post called “How to be unable to effectively defend islands in the level 4/5 regions”, does that mean it in any way is based on my or my teams inability to do something? Nope, but you probably could be a bit more representative for that one.

Absolutely, youre basically asked people to avoid doing the BEST outcome.

Probably more than you think

Anyways, this was just one of the most prevalent examples where if you make the most rewarding and easiest things being the same thing are probably a bad idea.

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Easy fix, PG should allow mega alliances, then no one would have friends that are enemies to swap guards with.

Your turn :smiling_imp:

Edit: I know how much you love Mega Alliances :smiling_imp:

In all seriousness though, the path of least resistance does offer the most reward. Am I going to complain about it? No. Should something be changed to make it less profitable? Maybe. Should all the guards have to be killed before you can attack the defending team’s Primarchs? Interesting idea, but I think that could/should only be the case it only 2 5TAs can be present on a castle at any given time. To avoid “sandbagging” or “attack blocking”, X amount of kills on said guards should have to occur every Y time. Thus killing 2 birds with one stone, Mega alliances and guard swaps :man_shrugging:

Another edit: Yes, this would in theory make Guard swaps even easier and almost impossible to be interfered with. However, by losing your first line of defense, your castle guards, you are putting yourself at extreme risk. To further discourage Guard swaps during pvp events, don’t allow pvp event shields to be dropped :man_shrugging:


You really wouldnt be THAT at risk…you just need enough guards to have so that your island doesnt get conquered before the other 100 teams in your alliance show up with 1000 people with 5k on each primarch. So, your actually “risk” is very low.

Honestly we should go one step further then. Just make an in game marketplace where people can just put things up for sale and place bids. Maybe the top teams should start conquering 2s and then sell them back to the plat teams for castle guard hits. Then we can really get things going. I was totally thinking we needed to cut back on this but instead we should really double down.

Wow the DeathOfAtlas really is getting closer and closer post by post lol anyone play any other cool games at the moment… I know a ton of people looking

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The game is not being played the way it was intended or healthily. But I honestly think that one of the issues is that there are not enough leaders, officer, organizers and players with the time to push Atlas where it was designed to go, not from the competitive stand point you are looking for.

Atlas is by design an open world. How do we know the direction it should take, if PG doesn’t tells?

If it’s open world, it takes the direction it takes :man_shrugging:

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They were pretty clear it was to be an open warfare on castles and a money maker, I doubt it was to be a resource mining tool. :woman_shrugging:

Many teams do this…obv wayyy more than you have any idea about…