Castle guards and forts update

Are there any plans in motion it update fort stats and the castle guard bases? I understand that the generic castle guard base shouldn’t be as good as decent players base but shouldn’t they get some form of makeover.

I think we’ve had maybe 15-20 levels of towers since the tower levels on these bases were set. Shouldn’t some sort of review be due. Similarly should the stats get revisited since the fort buffs, and the forts stats were set when only bronze primarchs existed?

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How high should the towers be on a level 3 castle, in your opinion? They’ve already made it harder to get 100% glory on those castles by forcing you to hit a level 500 or above.
I get what you’re saying but if you increase the tower levels, you’ll need to increase the glory percentage too. Or is that what you’re suggesting?

Interestingly I have been rolling around the idea in my head of having glory associated with castle guards scaled starting at 20% glory and moving to 100% glory the more you killed. This would address castle guard swaps, assuming those are considered an issue by PG and sniping to some degree, also assuming that PG considers those an issue.

The whole Atlas situation is so messed up I’m not even sure what I think any more.

The guards are always valued at whatever the teams power would give you for glory. I mean I think level a maxed level 3 fort should have maybe level 65 towers. Maxed level 4s without Marshall should have 70s and a maxed level 5 with no Marshall 75s.

Honestly the stats for the fort in terms of its defence power should probably get buffed by 50-100 points as the base and then scale with level as it does now.


Ok I can see that.

I kinda like the idea of shuffling Atlas map every season

A level 200 can easily take out the current Marshall on a maxed level 3 castle defended.

True. There’s no gear or buffs on it either. So maybe instead of increasing the tower levels too much, just buff them like the PvE bases in temple raid. Only not as extreme. I just think that if you raise tower levels, the base level will go up from 380 to about 450. This would make them more of a target since glory percentage would go up, right?


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