Castle location pointer

I say add a button on atlas which when toggled on shows the location of team castles with pointers (As i’ve tried to show here. ik its bad but still) .This can make travelling between castles more efficient and you can find the nearest castle to resummon your prim easily.
After that just turn it off and use it again when needed .

It will be greatly helpful for players that are new to a team with many castles and as a general point of view with defending and atking.

Lemme know what you guys think


1000% yes! I don’t care where the top teams are. I want to know where my castles are for revive purposes or other things.


You can target your own team’s castles. My team uses the green marker (which you can access from the castle menu) to mark our castles around the map.

It’s more efficient to use the ?summon or ?revive commandin wdscripts but for those who are more intuitive with their process or do not have access to wdscripts on their team can go with the marker method.


yea ik we can do that . i suggested this so it doesnt overlap with it and it makes things simpler.(plus many use line on the same phone they play on)

awesome idea . i dont even know where my teams castle are located . i can remember only 5 or 6😂. plus it would be nice to see alliance’s castle too with different color arrow maybe.

I would love this. Would also love either a “travel to nearest owned castle” OR “travel no nearest owned TA castle” option

Yea! ithink someone else too said that i remember reading that. that would be a great addition too.