Castle lost, because of a upkeep bug

Hello guys,

We (GoodFellaz) have a problem and I hope that this forum can help us…

We’ve had the following problem , we payed officially the upkeep for our castle (X:-165.0 Y:-59.0) (which is confirmed, see screenshot)

, but also got the mail in the HQ that the upkeep wasn’t payed and the infrastructure is deactivated

We were still owner of the castle. After the PvP bubble dropped, we were under attack from other teams, the shield wasn’t disabled, but everybody could hit our Guards and our Players without we getting bubbled…it was 4 am in Germany, not enough players there for new troops and defending, so we’ve lose our castle in the morning.

Normally, if you don’t pay the upkeep you get kicked out of the castle and don’t get a weird message like this. (Screenshot above)

It cannot be that someone lose their castle like this and I just wanna ask, if there is any chance that we get our castle back. It wasn’t our fault, we’ve payed the upkeep and had the automatic update as a hedge for cases like this ACTIVATED, but nevertheless we’ve lose the castle and we are very disappointed and sad…

Please…try to help us

@PGGalileo @PGNines @PGSoul

Kind regards

And DistaFellaz


To check, have you submitted a ticket?
This is definitely an issue, I hope what was lost can somehow be returned/fixed without too much of an issue

Yes, we did, but the support said, that this is the normal way, how they deal with a delay upkeep and we payed the upkeep to late, but this can’t be, because we 1. Manually payed it 2. had activated the automatic update as well 3. haven’t got a message that we just have 24 h left to pay the upkeep :slightly_frowning_face::pensive: @RuRuRuntsfam

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Unfortunately the ticket is in german as well, so it isn’t helpful in here :sweat_smile:

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There’s always someone who knows German lol.

The report says that FunFlyDragons evicted your team. This message would not come if you lost the castle before due upkeep missing as Gustav would be owner. And if you re conquered it it wont have guards so instant can be conquered too. Also there is 2 days between the upkeep payment and rhe castle lost. This more sounds like deactivated castle shield, you also said lost guards. You wouldnt lose guards if lost castle due upkeep.

So I actually have pictures of this castle before it was conquered. I heard about it and saved said screenshots.

Usually when upkeep isn’t paid, the castle reverts to Gustav. In this case it didn’t. In fact that infrastructure was disabled for 1 day 16h in the screenshot of the HQ. So the owner couldn’t activate the shield if they wanted but would instead have to defend their castle for 40 hours!! I really think this is a glitch in the system. Somewhere along the lines something messed up.

Feel free to add these screenshots to your ticket @Tami. I may be an enemy to you in Atlas, and sometimes hit you guys for glory, but this was just weird for me to take advantage of a “free” castle. These were sent to me at 6:54pm PST Nov 23rd.

Edit: I just realized the two hq screenshots are the same, except different time shots and different languages. Another weird thing, it says there was over 8 days left until upkeep was due again. So how was it just “disabled”?

If this isn’t a glitch, a 2+ day cooldown for infrastructure to start working again is unacceptable. I could see 3-12 hours, but not days.


Sorry to hear that, definitely not your fault. Just be persistent with the tickets, do not let up on them or they will drop it :joy: best of luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Act like me with Chunk and Gal, never let them forget what we (you, I,) want

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Disabling the infra was a very old mechanism in case the team have not paid in time. Before the time PG introduced the “castle reverts back to Gustav” mechanism if i know it correctly but don’t call me on that.
Right now this bug occurs sometimes when you pay the upkeep right before the due time and the castle would be lost.

You said that automatic upkeep was enabled. Fyi if auto upkeep enabled (and its about to fail) you do not get a 24 hrs notification!

So something that could have happened (im not saying it can only be this) is that you had auto upkeep payment enabled, it wasn’t working and your officer noticed it just in time, and paid it manually.

The problem with disabled infra, is that its…disabled. E.i. Its there, your cg won’t get lost, but you can’t use any of the functions that the infra provides such as shield, enfeeble, surrender. The shield wasn’t manually disabled, its a bug not the owner team’s fault.


Thank you so much ! :kissing_heart:

Yes, we haven’t disabled the shield. We couldn’t do anything in this castle neither give the castle to another team or disable the shield.

My leader did everything what he could do to save this castle, but under this circumstances it wasn’t makeable.

We will try our best :bowing_woman::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you

Unbelievable! PG must give you the castle back! That isn’t fun anymore!

Best Wishes!


@PGGalileo What can PG do for them? Perhaps give them the castle back!!!


Something like that should never happens. I hope that they will fix the Bug. It cant be that we can lost a castle because of a Bug.
Come on they should get the castle back.


The problems with this game are getting crazier and crazier. PG should make up for their own mistakes, because it would not be fair to let the players take the blame for these mistakes.
:pray: I hope that this will clear up quickly for you @Tami . :slightly_smiling_face:


This is strange and wired. But it shows most of all changes from PG are with mistakes and seems not testet. If they work in a company and create such mistakes they get fired. But PG personal have a wildcard for making mistakes again and again without any consequences. I am really pissed off

Hope you will get back your castle as fast as possible @PGGalileo



Normal the Castle must fall to the blackblouds so ist definily a game bug


Just unbelievable,

PG should do something…
Could happen to any of us due to a mistake.


That ist the normal mail you geht after missing you upkeep