Castle Troop Load Optimization- Top 3

Ok, so with the decision to change guard hits to Top 3 prims the question becomes how to adapt. So what do folks recommend for the number of troops on the Top 3 prims?

I would assume the minimum would be 5k so an attacker is guaranteed to lose troops if they go after guards directly. But does 6-8k make more sense?


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5 trappers (preferred S2) with 6K troops
Taunters with 3-4K troops
Sisters/destroyers with low troops as well for countering


(Tell them the wrong thing so we can get ez guards)

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Crap my bad.
Replace the trappers with siegers and siegers with trappers .
Should play it safe and have a max loaded taunter at all times as well


Yes a max taunter with full troop in all castle
Also removed tower as well to be nice after sending me the coordinates


3 bronze seigers with 12-15k troops should suffice

100k siegers!

But seriously it’ll take some trial and error. Load three 5k primarchs and plenty of people will hit guards. Load three 15k primarchs and people will hit the primarchs for glory. In both cases players would search out your castle for easy sniping for glory.

Now if you have a t4 or t5 with a 100b marshal base, maybe 2k trappers works still because you can kill most attackers defending the guard/marshal base. If you have a t2 or t3 castle but have those same 100b base players, maybe having your 100b base player load an 80k trapper is best because again you can kill the attacker defending that base.

For teams who don’t have a very strong player relative to your rank, you’re in a tough spot. I’m guessing we will see 6-8k primarchs like we do now on accessible castles owned by normal teams. 8k primarchs would require 25k to hit guards which means there’s a good amount of their troops left to wipe out after one guard hit. You’ll just be forced to bleed guards to avoid bubbling often or accept you’ll leave shields on and take a bubble and overtax your leadership and players running cooldowns all the time until they say they’ve had enough and having castles (or playing the game entirely) isn’t worth it.

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I’d say keep troops pretty low still, maybe up to 5-6k each prim and if guards get hit just replace them. Works great if your team is active in atlas, probably not so much if everyone has just been sitting around forever. If guards start getting low, raise troop counts, if troops start getting low then I’d do the opposite. I just feel bad for teams that have high troop minimums and require higher troop counts on the castle, that could get rough.

You don’t have to outrun your bear, just your friend. If your neighbor has juicier prims or easier to hit guards, chances are they’ll be the ones losing more troops than you.


Or just don’t put primarchs on the castle until you get hit lmao. 15k guards never hurt anyone, and troop loss is lessened too :rofl:

Off topic: :pleading_face: but I don’t want to send my sister off to the slaughter.

On topic: I’ll be interested to see what strategies everyone uses. People who use the wrong ones will learn pretty quickly.


That would be the slow friend that I have to outrun to get away from the bear :joy: :joy:

Aside from the feedback from the Bad Idea Bears I hope this will give teams a start on how to adjust.

Only point I’ll add is that the number of prims loaded with the amount you choose will be important. Otherwise a wave of just 3 players can open guards like a can of fancy feast at a cat party.

Send autocorrect instead


What about your daughter? :metal: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

On topic: There will be plenty of people happy to load up 20k troops to hit guards. Be afraid.

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Nah still ez guards also you need to load only 5k to ignore taunters

18100 troops to guards isn’t a absolute ton but if your team is active there should be someone to trap the guy after their first guard hit.
Load more than 6-8K troops and you will get sniped. Load high troop taunters same issues.

The way I proposed will discourage a lot of players. On a less active team you may need to load higher troop prims

Im talking about less active teams
The active teams dont need to ask which prims and number to put on

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Have em load 8K trappers then. This change is DESIGNED TO MAKE TEAMS LOOSE CASTLES
If a team isn’t active enough shame on them. If a team cannot protect their castles then they won’t keep their castles


fully load your destroyers and taunters and take 10-12 teammate with you.
hit guards from left and right.
lag will happen and neither castle owner nor 5ta can move the castle to help :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
dont tell anyone that i said that :shushing_face:

ehh, live and learn

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@envy Exactly my thoughts. :+1:
The best defense is the attack.