Castle Upkeep Emails

Why do we get 6 emails at the same time when a teams castle upkeep is due?

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6 castles?

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I’ve been wondering the same thing, they arrive 6 at a time for each castle. What’s worse, they go to everyone on the team, so I have newer players freaking out about how to pay this upkeep thing.

Lol I get a ton for one castle too. Reminds me of the Atlas event started! notification that spammed us a few days ago. :t_rex:

I really want to spam this thread with 6 identical responses. But I also don’t want my account banned.


It’s to shame you into paying your upkeep on time next time round, I think.


Who should be tagged from PG to answer this? And Carnquin, no it’s 6 e-mails at the same exact time for each individual castle.

I think we all have this same issue . @PGCrisis can u refer this issue please

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