Castles always defended?

Hi! After playing atlas for a very long time on different times of the day, there is one thing I always wondered. How come after one snipe you always get attacked shortly afterwards? Many times I use a less powerful dragon but with more speed just to always get those important seconds it usually boils down to

People are active, have bots, etc.


Because people like to be annoyint

The game is run by 3rd party apps. Sends notifications that you landed on their castle directly to their phone/tablets pretty much the second you get there


Nice! Glad you pointed this out
thx nickzup
I’ll add this to my list of the negatives produced by the core mechanic of atlas being the acquisition of defensive positions!

Acquisition is producing 3rd party apps to simply alleviate our burden of play and that devalues our activity! :man_facepalming::boom:

3rd party apps are a degradation to the integrity of our game by devaluation of a player’s activity!
And the simple concept of the need for the use of a 3rd party app is the actual issue!
We should not need the assistance from a 3rd party app and the fact that we do is just sad :man_shrugging:


Really? Seriously I did not know. Now I get why some teams always have someone regardless of time instantly attacking back

Why can’t you let us snipe in peace !

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It is really annoying to see 4 peps coming over the 20th second you arrive a castle. Thanx to that fricking apps… After all those updates in atlas, we still don’t see a drastic change in the manner of defenses of an active team (or pity alliances), which shows me that how much more they were in an over-advantaged position

These bots pretty much nullify the blockade reduction changes. I want to hit a castle one or two deep, move to a castle on the way which is bad glory so no intention of hitting them. Try to wait out the 2 min delay and immediately see 3-4 prims coming in and hit you. You either hit back or say byebye to your troops. Terrible glory either way.

Maybe they should add some kind of peace flag you can fly to indicate to castle owners that you are just passing through 🤦

Love them or hate them, alert bots are now being used by a significant number of teams in the game. Their effectiveness, however, is predicated on 2 things - (1) how active the players are (because all the alerts in the world won’t help unless they act on them) and (2) how many players are given access to the bot by their leadership (I hear that some (many?) teams reserve access to team leadership or a select few, such that other teammates might not even know that they have an alert bot).

For the most competitive/crazy among us, alert bots decrease the burden of play, as we don’t feel compelled to be in game 24/7 lest we miss an attack on our homeland.

As an officer of one of the most active teams I the game, I can tell you that we have been advocating for an end to the passage system, either by permitting fly-direct or, as @Oathbring3r has suggested, through the elimination of blockades when simply passing through. I fear, however, that this would result in a revolt of epic proportions from the entitled legacy teams who would see this as Armageddon.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: or… or… we could just make all castles access :hot_face::dizzy:


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AnD if someone mentions bots :robot: you all needs to :zipper_mouth_face:. The team that probably has more bots are you all. They even warn you all when to go an drink water. Come on.

If you are referring to sandbagging in main game leagues - yes.
If you are referring to bullying D1 teams whose team power is significantly above ours - yes.


I assume it would be quite hard to bully teams if you were inactive.

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We’re all bots, didn’t you know? We even have forum bots, like me.


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Lol remember that time when you all said you are the best team in the game aahahahahhahahahah still cry laughing about it

Are you referring to main game, or Atlas? If the former, then I suppose you can call our sandbagging in Plat “bullying” (though we only go there for TR), however given that “bullying” normally refers to targeting someone, I don’t believe we do. We just put our heads down, collect our points and do not gloat about our accomplishment…because it isn’t one.

If you are referring to Atlas, then you are either a liar or a fool. Or perhaps both. If there are any Plat teams (or even Saph 2 or 3) here who feel they are hit regularly by us, I’d like very much to hear from them. I wouldn’t rule out that we have hit some for the purposes of bubbling to reach our real target, they’ve loaded up their prims or have taken a T4, but as a general rule that’s not our thing. To put your accusation to rest, I would also welcome some of our D1 opponents to chime in and rate our persistence.


Adding onto that, if there is a level 550 (100% glory) loaded up I’ve seen you snipe em.
Otherwise I’ve never seen you hit below S1

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