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So I have been thinking about the long term growth of this game. I like playing this game but if I were to install it today and breed my first few dragons then looked at how far away Vanguard was I don’t know that I would keep playing. When someone commits to a game you have to assume that they see themselves at some point getting to the “end game”.

I assume if you took all the players in WD and sorted them by tier it would look like a bell curve with the majority players falling into the Sapphire/Garnet tier. Free to play are going to be more clustered on the lower end of the bell curve and big spenders are going to be on the opposite end. I do not believe a catch up mechanic should enable you easily push past those that put in the time but it should be enable a new player to install the game and say “hey, I could reasonably get to where the majority of players are and not spend years grinding”.

So my thought is that why not create tier egg tokens. For example we have egg fragments right now, why not create attainable full red, purple, green, blue eggs that could be used to instantly incubate dragons in those tiers. The cut off could be based on the highest tier and where most of the player base is. For example Vanguard is the highest tier right now, most are in sapphire (a guess on my part, but PG should know what it is actually), so make full egg fragments available to Gold. Once a new tier is released Platinum becomes available.

A second idea, maybe more easily implemented, would be just to able to grind egg tokens. Make a special Poacher/Beast that gives egg tokens. No limit to the amount of attacks but scaled like the crafting shards. It would reward those that put in the time. Put them in no mans land and you would even get the added benefit of more Atlas action as you had to make tactical decisions on almost plan an attack to go get them for fear of being attacked while you did it.


No catch up do the work tired of everyone doing there bs cuz they cant grind or nothing n want shit free


Well you don’t want catch up for brand new players to be instantaneous without going through the learning phase of the game too. I firmly believe that everything through platinum tier is fairly well balanced time frame wise except for breeding your pair of gold legendaries (which should be 50k instead of 100k tokens).

They implemented a catch up mechanism for players in sapphire+ recently and i think that it’s actually more than i was expecting and more than was discussed so I’m all in favor of what they did. Should it be EVEN easier? Well that is a matter of opinion i think, and how easily you want very casual players to progress. You could give it another 10% or 20% across the board from red-platinum without very much reprecussions, but not instantaneous dragons or tiers.


I’m a relatively new player, and I have to agree with Mechengg. With the catch-up mechanisms they rolled out so far the pace is pretty good. Fast enough to feel like you’re eventually going to get somewhere good, and slow enough to actually play the game and learn while leveling.

That’s up to the point where I am (about to start emerald), the timer wall after 300 is probably something that still needs looking at. And I think it’s important the discounts introduced this season keep being scaled to move along with the end game. So far it’s slightly worrying that it hasn’t happened when the 75 towers came out, I would’ve hoped the discount would be extended by 5 more levels at that point as well.


Quote where “people wants free stuff” because is not what I’ve read in the forums
Fixing insane requirements? Yes, for sure, but that is not out of laziness, but sanity

I’m going through Sapphire/Garnet tiers now and although is not insane, is not a walk in the park neither. You have to grind, spend (Atlas Elite at least, and normal Elite, minimum), and work a lot to reasonably progress.

Everyone that hits 300 tells abou insanity. I don’t know, I’m pretty far from it right now, but PG should listen to the ones that are suffering that wall


Faster growth means more despair when facing the endless wall…


I am not new, but I took things slower than most players can/do. It is easy to get to Sapphire within a balanced amount of time. The discounts at Sapphire have also improved things.


Not suppose to be a walk in the park if it was easy game be stupid asf


It being a game means fun. All the power to you for wanting another job though, I guess?


PG can sell tier packs that will unlock all the regular dragons to a specific tier, and resources to help you level up appropriately.

Orange tier pack : $99
Gold tier pack: $199
Sapphire tier pack: $999


Im 359 ik about it but thats what makes it fun


I agree with this so much!!

Everyone needs that time to learn and grow in the game… (unless your an alt ofc :yum:)

Wouldnt trade my first 3 month struggle for nuffin!!

I think its fairly well balanced right now… gold was my hardest tier… furthermore as I wasnt using a breeding guide…:man_facepalming:. but just felt like it was so expensive for those dragons…



No, players get too much free stuff already. You want to have fun you should pay well for it


No. Use your wallet /sarcasm


There’s already egg fragments that work on any egg from any tier so I don’t see the point of this.


The “catchup” timer wise that they implented isnt even 5% on a base from isle 1-6 for lvl 75.

Smoke and mirrors folks.

They made it 5% cheaper? Oh wow

They also made it 50% more expensive to have a max 1-6 base than 6 months ago…

So who’s catching up?


Ok but part of the point I think is that theoretically you should not have to spend an absurd amount of money to get to even mid-tier. $999 to get to just Sapphire tier is ridiculous multiplied by the fact that a new player doesn’t remotely see the value of investing that much money immediately.

A suggestion would be maybe to creative achievements that reward players with large amount of egg tokens and speedups. Seeing that much resources given at the beginning would maybe motivate new players to find help about the best way to use these resources and incentivize planning? The best stopping point would be platinum because I’m guessing most players know what they’re doing at that point.


I thought it was Ketchup…




I agree, the N-1 scaling they did implement was poorly done and since they add 10 levels a tier now no one is catching up. Smoke and Mirrors :slight_smile:


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