"Celebrate the players" pack


Don’t forget the sigils!

They gave sigils to players who haven’t even played any this season -

How’s that feel when you’re constantly grinding :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Believe me I know it has left a sick feeling in my stomach


I’ll leave this here.

whistling as walking away


Boycott of 2016.

Look familiar?


Agreed! Sigils deff need to be a part of this solution every season from here on out…

Not saying spending cant still occur… but there needs to be large amount to entice long term players to keep playing and be rewarded…

And yes I red that revenue report on the other post… sickening…


Looking at this PURELY from the aspect of retaining and rewarding long term players…
I don’t NEED a “reward” for playing a game. If PG decide to reward it’s long term players, great. (I’m not talking about the “incentive” stuff to bring old players back… that is a separate thing from this IMO)

What I do NEED is a game that works, that is fun, and that feels rewarding (different from getting something for doing nothing). I would much prefer that bugs get fixed, that PG figures out how to make fun events, and that I feel like I am progressing in the game. If all of that happens, people will be happy. People will spend money. And if PG decides to celebrate its players with some kind of “thank you gift”, GREAT! Let’s celebrate the success of the game together. I don’t want apology gifts. Mistakes happen. Bugs happen. Those are things that just are part of it. BUT if the developer have a great relationship with its player base, it won’t need to send out an apology gift every time something like that happens. Happy people are much more understanding and forgiving.

Unfortunately we are at a place where if you separate the good decisions from the bad ones that PG has made, the “bad decision” column would be much longer. It’s now an uphill battle for PG to win it’s players back. I don’t think that needs to include “free shit”. What I DO think it needs to be is a communicated roadmap of what they should fix, when they will try and fix it, and an actual effort to see it through. The changes that need to happen from here on out need to be for the good of the game and community before anything else. That doesn’t mean do stuff that will lower revenues, just that revenues shouldn’t be the FOCUS of the game going forward.

People WILL spend if they are happy and enjoying the game. Revenues WILL go up if people see a value in what they are purchasing. You don’t need to give away the house to make people happy. Just fix the game, find out what really drives people to play it, and take that information to guide changes. Don’t community feedback to walk back bad decisions. Get the information from your players BEFORE that happens.


What he said :joy::roll_eyes::point_up:
My only argument is this…
If u gonna give massive free shit to people that have left…
Then give massive free shit to people that stay…

Otherwise… stop giving free shit lol

So other suggestions about incentive for “players week”?


Please keep the discussion to the suggestion that @xtWIStEdxwolfx has brought up. If you would like to discuss the offer sent to players, please direct those discussions to Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


I’ve played for 2 + years and I’m 159 lvl and put lots of money into this game …yes it would be a great advantage for PG to appreciate the players that put there time every day as I am ,but they dont care. I’ve suggested a pack for atlas and regular for $15. A month to play to get bonus. Its getting to be a greedy game and a hot mess to keep playing and the screwed updates they have.


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