Celestial honor guard

I haven’t still received celestial honor guard… how many of you haven’t received it yet? …

i have opened a ticket but they told if you don’t receive then reply to this ticket … its been more then a day and haven’t received a reply…

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did u get 5k seasonal points last season?

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Not sure if you already done this but you also needed 5k points for it.

I could claim it via the reward system. It was in one of those chests.



I didn’t get it either, I did 5k points , alot more than 5k points, claimed all the rewards too, still no potrait

I got 2 prestige coins… I didn’t receive the reward…

the reward for prestige coins is in season prizes only

I am just saying that I reached 5000 points so I got 2 prestige coins … so I should have got that avatar …

It’s just that I like that avatar

u will get it probably ,just wait :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I got reply on opening new ticket just now … many haven’t received it … and they are looking into it.


ok glad u finnaly got :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes now only waiting for the avatar… I liked it very much … will wait for 2-3 more days … then will again msg in ticket

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Same here. I sent in two tickets, got replies for neither.

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