Celestial Rift Livestream - Official Info Thread

Here is the deck: Celestial Rift Livestream Preview.pdf - Google Drive

Here are the links to the streams:
YouTube: War Dragons | Celestial Rift Season Launch Stream - YouTube
Twitch: Twitch


@PGGalileo sigil redemption is eclipse key trade right?

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Yes it is

@PGGalileo Week 3 slide says resurrection 2 week 20%. This is also shown on week 6 slide. I presume the 2 week 20% will not be continued and is a slide error




Dont get me wrong I would be happy for it to continue :crazy_face:


Will Crystal Caves or any other pvp be running week one so that we can open saved chests?

Pretty sure breeding is week one, pvp week two.

Also if I can remember correctly, Crystal Caves will be given a trial run before actually becoming part of the pvp cycle.


Yup. They said it would be run as part of a breeding or a fort. Just thinking week one would be a good time to do it so that we can open chests instead of waiting for week two.

We’d still be technically waiting for week 2 though even if they run the trial first week of next season - I believe they said that the trial would be at the end of a minor event when they do run it :sweat_smile:


They said they would run it as a test run for 1-2 days on a monday. So it would run between events, not along side a minor event


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Are both howy and cosmic orrery lines returning next season as well?
Will there be any changes to prizes?
And will there be any new tower types released?

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Considering they have released a new tower every two seasons I guess there will be no new tower release this season. But of course it’s just my guess

During the stream he said he has no information yet to answer these questions regarding the branches of the towers


He did say that the Electrum line would return but doesnt have a release date other than it’s not at the start of the season. No mention of the Orrery so I guess we’ll have to wait to see the seasonal menu.
I dont really get why they’re not putting the electrum line in the schedule, it’s rather odd and it’s not like it is something new or a surprise. It’s a bit annoying since I’d like that to be my 3rd line. If it was coming out early then I could get my mythic week 4 :sob:


Which mythic are you going for? :grin:

No idea yet, I need to see them fly. That is going to be a huge factor because right now the warrior doesnt seem very viable to me at first glance. On the other hand, I only have 1 set of fire gear (elite) and it’s on Quasar while I have 3 sets of earth gear. If only Xul was ice… :expressionless:
I prefer warriors over hunters but I dont know about Sora, I dont really understand that dragon’s spells or why it has a 12s cd. So I will need to Grind some Taco, Potato and Italian vids to see if he is better than he looks. I hope he is because I kind of like how he looks and I have the available gear


Only issues I see with warrior are well placed Oorey towers (especially without a add on) and double ice flake on a long kill for the most part.
It has high dmg, can constantly stay protected. But if an IF hits you while that shield is up it is game overc

His spell damage seems very low compared to past warriors

  • Dodge is only 2% damage
  • Freeze is only 3% damage, 1s freeze and only debuffs for 35%
  • Shield is only 8% damage while Meg’s was 15% and Lock’s was 14%

plus his only heal is very tiny and has no way of net gain recovering rage and will be almost completely reliant on natural rage recovery