Celestial Rift (spring 2021) Sigil lines

Another season, another sigil spreadsheet!

I’ve put up a brand new spreadsheet for the new season, which I’ll keep updating as new lines come out.

So far, everything seems exactly the same as last season, except for the added stone in the dragon lines near the end (it got added to prize 94, no cost change).


It took you a whole hour and a half to get it done?! How dare you!

Thank you for the lovely spreadsheet! :heart:


Anyone else notice there is Drac chests in the mythic branches?

If anyone knows the data base for amounts is it 2 or a little more?


Interesting, hadn’t noticed that yet. Too bad the repeatable one isn’t for draconics.

Can’t read the season lines from datafiles myself unfortunately, these sheets are all hand-written.


Thanks for the spreadsheet it helps.

Legendary dragon is not sekhet, right? It gives 21 gold chests at 15th node. Other one gives 10 gold chests.

Check the notes column for Sekhet, the first page drops are different for the discount dragon but the rest is the same.


Added Necryx. Line is mostly the same, except prize 81 lost a few egg tokens, and 3 prizes were added at the end with more egg tokens and the new stone. This also pushed the line cost to 37.5k, in line with the other legendaries.


Isn’t boosted as advertised…

The prizes are still boosted, it just the card image for the line doesn’t say it is. Comparing it to Morreion’s data though, it is still boosted at 20%.



thank you!

Added Jjin, who seems to follow the same high-timer structure Omiros had last season. So basically the same as other legendary dragons, but with ~420 days of timers added on for free (not counting the 20% boost).


:thinking: hmmmmm

Updated with new lines. Interestingly enough it looks like the final node isn’t boosted. Either that or it will drop to a paltry 834 once the boost ends, but that’s a very weird number.


Looks like the summary sheet is not yet updated?
Thanks for this awesome resource!!!

Ah you’re right, will update that.

edit: fixed


Great spreadsheet. However, rather than the average table. Would it not be better to have an incremental table. In case people are wondering whether to carry on or switch lines?

The assumption with that table is that people who plan at all will do their planning before starting a line. And it that case it’s not very useful to know that the last key in the dragon line is only 4750 sigils, because you can’t go and just get the 6th key. And if, for example, you’re looking for the cheapest way to get those last 4 keys with no lines started, this is pretty useful (looks like 3 rider keys + 1 other rider key).

But you’re not the first to ask so maybe I should add that table too, it’s not exactly hard to make one.

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Have I missed one of the popup lines?

And no I don’t mean the Itinerant Merchant that we just had, but other lines between discount and now.

Curse my memory :see_no_evil:

Thanks in advance